1 (814) 864-1060 Phone

Phone number 1 (814) 864-1060 can be found in Area code 814. 814 numbers are generally can be found in Pennsylvania, but there may be exceptions, especially for mobile numbers. 1 (814) 864-1060 has the following exchange code (814) 864, that is used to provide more precise location for the number in question. Do note that the location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers are generally more difficult to trace because the exchange code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1 (814) 864-1060 - Added Reports

The following reports for 1 (814) 864-1060 were posted by the community

Report by Yoss - 2020-09-15
Just got a call. I was told i'm being investigated for IRS fraud and to call back to avoid a warrant. What a scam. Don't fall for it.

Report by I don't need no stinking credit card - 2020-08-22
They did the same [***] to me

Report by C.E. Fuller - 2020-05-07
Same here. No message. Blocked!

Report by Shariesmo - 2020-02-26
Recd call 4 times this afternoon, no messages.

Report by P Hern - 2019-07-07
This number has called me several times. I picked up once and no one was on the line. I have no idea who it is at all but I'm not picking up and just deleting it.

Report by S/e - 2018-03-21
They said they filed tax return problems to me and called me a [***]! They also gave me 2 case numbers!!

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