1 (631) 318-3081 Phone

Phone number 1 (631) 318-3081 can be found in Area code 631. 631 numbers are generally can be found in New York, but there may be exceptions, especially for mobile numbers. 1 (631) 318-3081 has the following exchange code (631) 318, that is used to provide more precise location for the number in question. Do note that the location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers are generally more difficult to trace because the exchange code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1 (631) 318-3081 - Added Reports

The following reports for 1 (631) 318-3081 were posted by the community

Report by Otsego, SK - Someone else to spam - 2020-05-26
Keep getting calls from this no. no messages left

Report by bobnoh8 - 2019-11-26
They have called my home several times. When I try to get them to remove my number, no one is there. If you get the call, and it's a legitimate "business" they need to have the correct number remove you from the calling list.

Report by S. Curry - 2019-09-13
The caller, 971-225-0143, hung up when I answered. When I checked the other callers list from the network it says 860-200-4455.

Report by envy - 2019-09-13
they keep calling my job and harassing me

Report by SrCeSr - 2019-09-03
I got a call from this number just a second ago. I am in my own state and only picked up this call because I was in some sort of mood. The guy on the phone wouldn't even give a hint what he wanted to talk to me about, he said that he would give me 2 $100.00 gift cards that I could use at any store. He said that this was because I have made a significant purchase at one of their stores. I asked what it was for twice, he said that they were offering a 1000 dollar gift offer. I ask the name of the retailer that I had made this purchase at, he said that he couldn't tell me that but that he had information for me. Now I got off the phone he got on saying that the gift cards were good for anything that I wanted to buy with them. I said that I wanted to research the company that was using their name. He said something about something that sounded like it was a department store and asked me if I was interested, then i asked back, again what it was for. He again was not too happy saying i wouldn't be getting a gift card and said again that it was just a promotional offer. So i just hung up on him. Don't waste your breath with these people

Report by telefanfANd - 2018-07-28
this is a scam. The person they are calling for in fact was me a few months ago. It is a payday loan collection in Wisconsin. I called it back and he told me to tell him which state I was calling from. So I asked what that meant and he said "It means your best friend in the universe." i told him "not at the moment" and he said "well I guess you are one of the few." So I told him that he was the one he was calling and that we had been through the same thing and that no one who is not one has ever taken out a loan with his name on it, and that he needs to stop calling this number. He said that they will keep calling again. "We just have a policy to not call you, if I can't reach you by phone." and I said, "ok, we know who you are. So what is one of our best friends like?" I ended up hanging up on them again and they called my place of work. Now they call everyday, and then my boss tells me they say the same thing about my boss. They have also called my house. I don't know what the deal is for them calling my work, because they are never around there. The number they keep calling and the person says nothing so I can't have any conversation with them. I think they will call my house again. I'm in the process of trying to get a lawyer involved, but I am sure it's all [***]....

Report by C Davidson - Live Free - 2018-03-27
Got a call from this number.

Report by G. Kuhns - 2017-11-25
Called, left no message. Did not return call.

Report by San Domenic - 2017-06-19
I received 3 calls from them today, and I answered they asked to speak with my husband and told them that we dont live with him now. The person on the phone then said is this Mrs. Jones? I said yes and they hung up. I called back several of times, and no one would pick up.

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