1 (530) 845-5289 Phone

Phone number 1 (530) 845-5289 can be found in Area code 530. 530 numbers are generally can be found in California, but there may be exceptions, especially for mobile numbers. 1 (530) 845-5289 has the following exchange code (530) 845, that is used to provide more precise location for the number in question. Do note that the location is still approximate. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers are generally more difficult to trace because the exchange code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

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Report by RONALD B SHREM - 2020-01-27
You can call back. It is very simple to do. If you do not have a business that needs your services, you can go to: https://www.surveysampling.com/contact and add them to your "Do Not Call" List. After that you can call back and talk to anyone, or just answer the phone as "Police Department". It is a great way to mess w/them, and take their time (I did this last year, and the calls stopped pretty quickly).

Report by VKD - 2019-10-25
Scam, do not call.

Report by Derek from Algonquin - 2019-08-23
Scum bags trying to steal your money. Do NOT give them a credit card number. If you send them a bogus check, be sure it is properly dated and send it certified mail with return receipt requested.

Report by H. Littlejohn - 2019-04-22
They called me 3 times this morning. First they called looking for my cousin not me! Then they called and said they were the irs with an warrant out for my arrest, and I needed to go to a walgreens and get a green dot card.

Report by TexasTEXAS12 - 2019-03-21
Received a call from this number. Called back, and they told me in regards to my father, I have a civil suit against me. Asked me to verify a social security number, and stated I was being charged with check fraud. When I asked for proof of the debt in writing, she said no. She also said if the suit was filed against me, then she could give me the information in response for the case number and a letter requesting I provide that to the plaintiff. I told her no, I am notifying the FTC as well.

Report by Emanuel Bourdages - 2017-08-15
They call my house repeatedly about "suspended social security number". I know this is a scam because these people are using your area code to cover their own number in caller id. I do not believe there's a need to call back. I do not trust these calls anymore. If I had a nickel I would sue this company for harassment. I am on the do not call list and I will still answer my phone. Just be polite and tell them not to call back. I have heard they get money back for every call they lose. <

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