Report for 1-8452967681 - 2019-12-29 845
The called me yesterday and today and did not answer

Report for 1-9037440851 - 2019-12-29 903
Called to tell me they wanted to make an appointment to inspect

Report for 1-7700828785 - 2019-12-29 770
Got a voicemail saying I am charged 299.00 for Amazon Purchase Protection press 1 to speak to a security professional...scam??

Report for 1-2152488145 - 2019-12-29 215
You must work for the scammers.

Report for 1-7149707393 - 2019-12-29 714
Got a call this morning on my cell, no voicemail. I am a Verizon customer too.

Report for 1-7083897135 - 2019-12-29 708
called and didn't respond when I picked up. they left no message. i get calls from all over my house, all around the US. i have a call blocker.

Report for 1-3852680209 - 2019-12-29 385
Received a VM stating that I need to have an attorney. Also stated they needed a callback on the same number, not sure what kind of scam this is.

Report for 1-8432381964 - 2019-12-29 843
Same thing here

Report for 1-9402372699 - 2019-12-29 940
Called 3 times in a row. They left a 1 second voice message each time.

Report for 1-9091602556 - 2019-12-29 909
These people have called me over five times in the last two days. They don't leave a message. I called back to tell them to take me off their list, to no avail. I asked the last person to call me, and they refused to answer any questions about me. I told them I did not have a credit card or a house on which to rent, so I am not looking for a place to move in. If it is an old debt, they are getting pretty creative to harass people.

Report for 1-6362265752 - 2019-12-29 636
I receive numerous calls from 206-496-3089 and no one is there. I believe it is harassment from one company

Report for 1-2510041710 - 2019-12-29 251
When they call the caller ID just shows the phone number. The location is somewhere in Illinois.

Report for 1-9132707128 - 2019-12-29 913
Same exact message...

Report for 1-7345644375 - 2019-12-29 734
they call everyday but don't leave a message. They don't know what time of day it is, or who they are calling. I have put this number on my blocked numbers. Any one have any idea who they are?

Report for 1-6106280280 - 2019-12-29 610
Yes, I received identical text today. I know this is a scam because they ask for my current address and not the place where I "applied" for the job.

Report for 1-4156300072 - 2019-12-28 415
Scam, recording says it is the IRS coming to get me. Don't respond to this fake message. It is really getting old. Total BS.

Report for 1-9030073477 - 2019-12-27 903
How can we stop these idiots? Why do they continue to call if I'm on the do not call list?

Report for 1-9898565055 - 2019-12-27 989
I got a call from this number this evening. There was a message saying I have a new credit card for $10.00. I have a card that I get for errands. They called and I went ahead with it and told them that I was not interested. He tried to argue with me and said no not to hang up, but I hung up and he actually was on the phone with me and he knew my name I told him that I didnt want a new credit card so he transferred me to another guy who asked me the same question again and I said no and he hung up. I went ahead and added this number to my reject list. It sounds like the most legit of calls, but I'm going to the store tomorrow and will see what happens. It's a really irritating issue that keeps happening to me.

Report for 1-6196419739 - 2019-12-27 619
The caller left a message saying, " We have just received a notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired in the next 24 working hours... You will get an order of arrest warrant by 11:29 am on Monday mth june 27th 2018... you and your physical property are being monitored and it's very important that we hear back from you before we proceed further with the legal matter. I tried to call back but the call won't go through.

Report for 1-4848915512 - 2019-12-27 484
I answered. They claimed to be Womens Cancer Fund. I asked to be taken off their call list, and the man said they did not have a call list.

Report for 1-4083858520 - 2019-12-27 408
I received that same call and it gave the caller ID number as 832-315-0670. Didnt call

Report for 1-9726928650 - 2019-12-27 972
Same as everyone else.

Report for 1-7348473875 - 2019-12-27 734
When called back, no one ever picks up and if you listen to the message, an operator says hold for a next available agent. If you listen again, it connects and hangs up. They are using technology to call a cell number, not a landline, and so they can call from whatever number they want. I am blocking them.

Report for 1-9031110001 - 2019-12-27 903
Caller ID is "unassigned". They left a message but I only got half of it. Something about an auto insurance quote and the website "". Blocked!

Report for 1-7080056000 - 2019-12-27 708
I get 2-3 calls a week from these guys I never pick up I figure if it's important they'll leave a they won't. Finally have answered they hang up! What a joke...just sick of it

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