Report for 1-7083339900 - 2020-09-06 708
This is a scam. Scammers will try all different things, even if it means that they use your number in a different state to try to get you to call back or make more calls. Just ignore them and report them. They all are scammers trying to steal your information.

Report for 1-8508142164 - 2020-09-06 850
called cell phone, no message...

Report for 1-9253304211 - 2020-09-05 925
Fraud call... saying they are from the SSA. These are scammers

Report for 1-8123246363 - 2020-09-03 812
This is a scam. A man left a message claiming to be James from the IRS & said I was awarded a $9000 grant & needed to call back for details. After I hung up a number listed for me on their website (

Report for 1-9312220403 - 2020-09-03 931
A lady called, she stated I needed to call her back today on a urgent matter but she would not provide a company name or her name. SCAM!!!

Report for 1-3027954978 - 2020-09-03 302
No message, caller ID showed Unknown Name, but a web search for this number shows that it belonged to an in-house litigation firm calling for a name different than anyone handles through this number. Probably a spammer of some kind.

Report for 1-2018824356 - 2020-09-03 201
Called my phone about 1:20 pm on Sept 3rd. I answered (in case it was my doctor) and no one was there. I've had similar situations over the past two weeks with scam calls saying there's a warrant for my arrest. How can I stop these calls??!! Please help.

Report for 1-2022482199 - 2020-09-02 202
I rec'd a call just this morning that I did answer. I pressed one to talk to a 'representative'. I got the same response that just happened to everyone. "Is this [my name]?". Then 'is this [my name]?" But then hung up. I called back twice but the phone just keeps ringing. My next move is to say that you are a scammer and hang-up in his ear.

Report for 1-2107874666 - 2020-09-02 210
Received call from some type of number and they left a voice mail stating that they were calling me on behalf of the federal government that they had received a request to suspend all tax returns in my name, to suspend it for six months because they found suspicious activities. I'm certain that it's a scam.

Report for 1-7272520512 - 2020-09-02 727
Called my cell, didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-3615470388 - 2020-09-02 361
I got a message saying: This is not a solicitation. Call our toll-free number 949-228--6782

Report for 1-9164096103 - 2020-09-02 916
Got this call today but didn't answer it. Blocked it.

Report for 1-7020040403 - 2020-09-01 702
Just received a robotic VM left claiming they are the IRS and that there is a lien against me and to call back at this number. They didn't say who they are, who they are looking for, nor give a name to what the lien is in reference to. So, I'm not calling back and assuming it is a scam. If they ever come to my door I'm coming down to slap them and/or tie up their lines. And calling them.

Report for 1-3212751361 - 2020-09-01 321
They keep calling my work number. I answered once and it sounded like a young guy, sounded drunk.

Report for 1-9512526489 - 2020-09-01 951
They called and didn't leave message. A new number for those scammers.

Report for 1-2035409213 - 2020-08-31 203
I have called from multiple numbers and still get messages even after being told to delete & they don't delete my number

Report for 1-3852491306 - 2020-08-30 385
called and said they knew where i was and would come and arrest me..

Report for 1-4351233130 - 2020-08-30 435
Just got a call on my cell phone from this number. They didn't leave a message, so it must be a spammer or telemarketer. Blocking this number. I'm sooooooooo tired of these annoying calls!!!

Report for 1-2153467423 - 2020-08-30 215
It's some guy with a really bad accent and I could hear someone else in the background talking.

Report for 1-7168743276 - 2020-08-30 716
I just got the same exact message.

Report for 1-2146137939 - 2020-08-30 214
He said he was looking at my credit card transactions. When I asked if he wanted to know what was up he said no, the computer was telling him what to type. I asked if it was a computer calling he said yes. When I asked more questions he got rude. He was calling about my mortgage and trying to help me with my mortgage. I said I don't have it listed as unsecured I don't have a mortgage. He said "that's a lie". He wanted my personal information because he was very worried that the information was hacked from my computer. I told him I wasn't worried and that he should check on that since he was on a secure line. He was a total [***] and hung up.

Report for 1-3462411705 - 2020-08-30 346
I did not answer. My caller ID said "DTE A". They left no message

Report for 1-9313030178 - 2020-08-30 931
My answering machine answered, the person said my wife's name and when my answering machine picked up was, Hello? (again, my machine picked up, but there was no answer.)

Report for 1-2013517788 - 2020-08-30 201
Caller wanted to speak to a relative of mine. Said they were a courier and had a package. Said if I didn't respond he would proceed with a warrant for my arrest. When I went back and forth with them they wouldn't give me any additional information until I verified my social. I said no and they hung up. I called the number back but got the busy signal. So I left a voicemail telling them to take me off their scam, not saying anything, and notifying my relative what was going on. Sounds like they may give up, but I am blocking the number they are calling from.

Report for 1-3125456806 - 2020-08-30 312
got the same call from riley thomas, from the US Grant Department. I called back to get another number and an operator told me i cant call because i am a criminal. She asked for my name and i gave a fake name and she told me you just cant receive the money, but i should call you back. i did, called back and went to voice mail, but the guy that answered said it was a criminal and said i will get locked up unless i make a payment.

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