Report for 1-3526922345 - 2020-05-26 352
I was called about a government award of $7000, all I had to do was call 206-462-0857 to speak with a representative. So I did, and a man with a very heavy accent started talking about grants for school. I asked why they didn't

Report for 1-2297267421 - 2020-05-26 229

Report for 1-5633597501 - 2020-05-26 563
They call at least once from every day, even weekends and will hang up. I've left several messages about the number being blocked with my expletive message...but the still call from the same number at all times of the day...

Report for 1-3302363409 - 2020-05-26 330
Called my unlisted home number, left no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-4805431397 - 2020-05-26 480
Called cell. Did not answer. Left no message.

Report for 1-8148252030 - 2020-05-26 814
Just received similar message - "to continue with" or "to cancel press 1" I suspect it is a scam. So frustrating that I just ignore the texts now.

Report for 1-3053984334 - 2020-05-26 305
Called and left message. They don't have to follow rules, and their call blocking cannot stop them, as the call is not blocked.I believe these calls are from the same company, but with a new number. They are trying to sell you life insurance.

Report for 1-2122012700 - 2020-05-26 212
Got a call at work from a man claiming to have my social security number, which i refused to give, and had all my banks account information. What to do?

Report for 1-3023079116 - 2020-05-26 302
Got the same call from a female named Donna, stated to call to the same callback number if I had a legal matter at all. Said she was a Process Server and I should call and she would be able to let me know if she came to my home or place of employment. Never stated the company she was calling for to whom I should contact. I think it's a scam, because they are not legally authorized to serve me anything. Be careful.

Report for 1-4242880772 - 2020-05-26 424
Caller states that he's a "Officer" and states they are trying to locate my wife. He states that they are going to report her to the authorities if she doesn't return the call. They also stated that her case was going to the State Attorney General's Office. I told him what he could do with his comments as well as the call being recorded. He hung up.

Report for 1-6313183081 - 2020-05-26 631
Keep getting calls from this no. no messages left

Report for 1-9515977737 - 2020-05-26 951
It's a scam to get your information. When you ask for the company name, they hang up

Report for 1-3108558173 - 2020-05-26 310
Yep me also... "YOU HAVE BEEN ARRESTED" is what it read.

Report for 1-2105242430 - 2020-05-24 210
Same crap. Just got this call from 310-362-7343. Message about lowering credit card rates blah blah blah. My credit card is not even that high

Report for 1-5512580008 - 2020-05-24 551
Same message to me. Called at 7:30 and left a message.

Report for 1-6616414225 - 2020-05-24 661
Called my house phone, said it was with some type of survey.

Report for 1-9161450420 - 2020-05-24 916
They call about once a day. I never answer. No message left.

Report for 1-3132772853 - 2020-05-24 313
I just got a call from this number too they left a voicemail saying they were doing a criminal investigation and they would send officers to arrest me. I called the number and a girl picked up and the call ended. Not even 5 minutes after I called they called again from the same number but a man picked up and said hello then hung up when I asked him his name. This is a big scam. I don't know how all this is in play because I get these calls everyday from new scam numbers and I've been getting the spam calls, but for the past 3 months people are calling me at home trying to get me to believe I have a criminal investigation against me. I'm going to find out where their information gets sussed out from my phone company and then I'm going to call them back like they have before me and blow a whistle in their ear. Let's keep making people paranoid about these calls from people trying to trick them into giving information.

Report for 1-9163174626 - 2020-05-24 916
Called my cell looking for a family member whom doesn't live at this residence. Tried to ask personal info like social security number and date of birth. Sounds like a scam trying to get your personal information. I hung up.

Report for 1-3302869438 - 2020-05-24 330
Scammer claiming from Microsoft. They left a voicemail for my son who doesn't even have a computer. Sick!

Report for 1-2076153064 - 2020-05-24 207
I've been getting calls daily from this number for about 2 weeks. The most recent one at 9:37 this morning. Did not answer. No message

Report for 1-5803079925 - 2020-05-24 580
If you have a case with Comenity, just send them a certified, return receipt cease and desist certified letter. They have to respond within 30 days.

Report for 1-5032264211 - 2020-05-24 503
This is a new number calling me stating i'm going to be sued if i don't call this number back. They have called me a total of 16 times over the last 6 calls. I'm going to block this number.

Report for 1-6104956500 - 2020-05-24 610
Called with an old address for someone that had my number 4 years ago. Left this message that I needed to call them back immediately regarding a case file and that if I could not reach them, to have my attorney call back

Report for 1-2066297621 - 2020-05-24 206
Called yesterday. No message left.

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