Report for 1-8013800219 - 2020-07-29 801

Report for 1-6178614551 - 2020-07-29 617
Received a call from this number today. The message said that "you are under federal investigation for tax evasion" and that if I don't contact my lawyer he will have the police come to my home to arrest me. I have no idea what he is talking about because I do not have a lawyer.

Report for 1-5619356163 - 2020-07-29 561
this is a scam!!! called my work threatening criminal action against me if i do not give them $500 immediately.

Report for 1-6239324542 - 2020-07-29 623
Called to say they would be delivering a summons to my home or place of employment. When they called it was a recording and then they said, "Is the number that I can be reached at, and my phone number that I can be reached at?" I laughed and said no, it's my cell phone number and I am a minor and I'm not stupid enough to give them my social and address and they must have a wrong number or something, and then he hung up on me, LOL .

Report for 1-4026823153 - 2020-07-29 402
In my case it was a pre-recorded voicemail that gave the name of the person that they are supposed to have my number. Just thought it was a weird thing to call some random person. And if that were the case then there is a statute of limitation! And they should be required by law to identify themselves right with respect to the message. When the person is not responding to an open file number, the statute of limitations period should be the same for all parties involved.

Report for 1-9168272803 - 2020-07-29 916
Just called. Didn't leave a message. Caller ID said UBC.

Report for 1-5712610103 - 2020-07-29 571
I keep getting a message saying the same thing.

Report for 1-5035088834 - 2020-07-29 503
I don't answer numbers I don't know. I see it on my phone log of spam.

Report for 1-2032042193 - 2020-07-29 203
called my landline - "this is your last chance to lower your credit card rate"

Report for 1-7134679700 - 2020-07-26 713
i get several calls from this number every day. no message.

Report for 1-6093755072 - 2020-07-25 609
Called around 2:32 PM. Left no message. No CID other than San Martin Ca. Now blocked

Report for 1-2026524589 - 2020-07-25 202
These people call twice a day. I don't answer they don't leave a message. So frustrating!

Report for 1-9547394769 - 2020-07-25 954
Called again. Didn't leave a message. Blocked.

Report for 1-3133731215 - 2020-07-25 313
Just got the same message. I have no idea if it is a scam or not.

Report for 1-2128107294 - 2020-07-25 212
called cell but no caller id. left no message

Report for 1-6464659325 - 2020-07-25 646
I called the number back and they gave me a badge number and said my investigation file #.....I'm reporting them but I dont know how much good that will do.

Report for 1-9175345347 - 2020-07-25 917
I'm having the same problem....I had a family member get a call from this number and it was about me...what do I do? My phone # is registered in my daughter's name and I dont even have a car! It's ridiculous.

Report for 1-2532156802 - 2020-07-25 253
Said they were from SunTrust Bank on the voicemail. Called number back because I was curious. Was the bank looking for my husband?

Report for 1-8123878349 - 2020-07-25 812
Said I was being sued by the police for a payday loan i never got. Wish they could stop these crooks

Report for 1-9736298644 - 2020-07-25 973
Scam caller.

Report for 1-2134573178 - 2020-07-25 213
Received a call from this unidentified caller about the claim against me.

Report for 1-6621545102 - 2020-07-25 662
Called my mobile number. Did not leave a message. Blocked.

Report for 1-6628447776 - 2020-07-25 662
Called my cell. No Caller ID. Left no message. Blocked...

Report for 1-4025981394 - 2020-07-25 402
this number calls me twice a day. I can not call it back.

Report for 1-3604717806 - 2020-07-25 360
Called at work and said I had a debt with them for a debt I no longer had but would not tell me any information as to what.

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