Report for 1-4324039010 - 2020-08-19 432
Received same message about being arrested and I have warrants out for my arrest I can't wait to have them arrested myself.

Report for 1-2024046520 - 2020-08-18 202
Got the same call...just blocked it

Report for 1-7573295797 - 2020-08-17 757
An elderly female caller, who identified herself as a nurse from a health center, was attempting to sell me a program to avoid hospitalizations and prescriptions. I didn't want this kind of service.

Report for 1-3125456806 - 2020-08-17 312
I got a call from 312 312 9797 this number. I answered, nobody say anything.I tried blocking it (wont connect to the call) then it starts again calling.

Report for 1-9162252255 - 2020-08-17 916
Called my personal cell. Did'nt answer. No message.

Report for 1-5183457056 - 2020-08-15 518
called twice this morning. no message and i didn't answer

Report for 1-2818458593 - 2020-08-13 281
Left a message stating if I don't return call then that I would be fined for a federal crime. Blah blah blah scam.

Report for 1-4107993400 - 2020-08-13 410
Did not answer my cell. No voicemail left. Blocked.

Report for 1-5043041466 - 2020-08-13 504
Robocaller. Asked for me by name when they called. I heard a bunch of noise but no voice. It was about 50-60 feet off the sidewalk. Then the computer said, Hello, this is "Rachel" and they were asking for donations.

Report for 1-3316581800 - 2020-08-13 331
This person is trying to sell something that I already have!!!

Report for 1-2176728434 - 2020-08-13 217
I work for a law firm and we get these calls every few weeks. The "bad check" thing is a scam. They have you sent some fake check with your real name on it and claim that you will be arrested and the officers will be there to pick you up within the next

Report for 1-2146284711 - 2020-08-13 214
I answered this call and they said it was the IRS. I asked them how they got my number and they hung up.

Report for 1-3525078323 - 2020-08-13 352
Called me, but did not leave message, caller ID says "SPAM? FRAUDSTERS"

Report for 1-2063097167 - 2020-08-13 206
left the same automated message on my voicemail. It was not even a real person on the other line.

Report for 1-9084748423 - 2020-08-13 908
i received call with a case # as well. not calling back

Report for 1-2153833388 - 2020-08-13 215
Caller stated they had a legal document to send me but would not state their business. Gave me a case # of 030738.

Report for 1-3027954978 - 2020-08-12 302
I got the same call yesterday. I also got a call from a "local" number with someone from the IRS (202)239-8964 claiming there was a lawsuit against me. He also had an accent and the call seemed fake and he also had an accent. He also claimed to be from the IRS in DC. The IRS will make every effort to contact you via US Mail. Never by telemarketer or scammer. These people need to get a life.

Report for 1-2816684278 - 2020-08-12 281
Scam caller saying I owe the irs money said IRS they will arrest me in 72 hours, they called 3 times yesterday, today 5 times

Report for 1-2392324835 - 2020-08-10 239
They called today, no message left. Today is Monday July 10, 2015 and I just got off the phone with the local police and the local news reporting that this has been reported as a phishing scam.

Report for 1-8457323904 - 2020-08-09 845
Left a message re a business line of credit.

Report for 1-7323132647 - 2020-08-09 732
This morning my employer received a text from this number. The text said "Holly, Holly from a financial services", and to call 310-362-4151.

Report for 1-8186897582 - 2020-08-09 818
This number called my cell phone and did not say anything when I answered. I hung up.

Report for 1-3033204764 - 2020-08-09 303
I just received the same one....

Report for 1-2127416607 - 2020-08-09 212
Said she was from United Airlines and wanted to talk to me about my reservation

Report for 1-9525673541 - 2020-08-09 952
Called me twice in the last 3 days, and left no message. Calls to 818 area code numbers are from telemarketers or scammers. This is illegal. They can be sued by the government. This is a major nuisance, as they call during dinner, and I work nights. If they think that would work, they'd get a real job.

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