Report for 1-2402006782 - 2020-04-17 240
Called cell; left voice mail about student loan debt forgiveness plan.

Report for 1-7014101100 - 2020-04-17 701
I keep getting calls from 360-842-5545, 360-542-5160 and 360-842-5155; all from, offering something for credit. After the second call (I think the fourth so far) I answered the last one

Report for 1-7146959606 - 2020-04-17 714
Call from phone number in Atlanta, Georgia. Left a partial automated voice message. No name, no company. I called the number and it was answered by someone asking if I was the person who recently had medical procedures performed. They wouldn't leave the name of the organization they were with or a company name. When I told her to take me off her list and to not call back, she laughed and said she would continue to receive the calls in the future as I'm not the person they were looking for.

Report for 1-5623640608 - 2020-04-17 562
I have been getting calls from these idiots for over 2 weeks. They are very persistent. I just keep hanging up on them so yet they keep calling back. They call at least 5 times in a row and it's getting to the point that they are driving me NUTS!

Report for 1-8312777297 - 2020-04-17 831
Keeps calling and haning up, won't leave a message, not in a good mood today

Report for 1-5616338277 - 2020-04-17 561
Same message

Report for 1-2132637894 - 2020-04-17 213
Robo Voice mail says your social security number has been compromised and to press 1 ... or call back! This is a SCAM ... SCAM Scam SCAM

Report for 1-2132620475 - 2020-04-17 213
We got a call from this number this morning and then again this evening. No message left. Our caller ID says "Fraud Risk."

Report for 1-5182170222 - 2020-04-17 518
Said they were from the IRS and I should call them.

Report for 1-3175716425 - 2020-04-17 317
Called at 7:35 am. Left no message. I called back and only received a busy message.

Report for 1-3151821002 - 2020-04-17 315
They called from a unknown number when I told them they are full of shi* crap they hung up

Report for 1-9492885760 - 2020-04-16 949
Called my cell, only rang 3 times then hung up. No message.

Report for 1-7168176770 - 2020-04-15 716
This number calls multiple times a day, never leaves a message.

Report for 1-2313485800 - 2020-04-15 231
Called 7/20 6:08 pm left message about student loan. My husband never completed school! I am also disabled. They need a life. No more scam for me. No more scam for you!

Report for 1-8620259105 - 2020-04-15 862
called back 5 times after being blocked, no answer at first . then the number disconnected automatically.

Report for 1-4074390224 - 2020-04-15 407
Call to my cell phone with no answer, blocked number.

Report for 1-6037645547 - 2020-04-15 603
Called at 7:15 and I said hello twice, and the message was "goodbye" , then they hung up. Blocking this number

Report for 1-8052198334 - 2020-04-15 805
Same thing happened to me and I called the person who answered was a very nasty person who hung up on me, I called his bluff as he continued to yell at me. He then proceeded to call back asking why I didn't want to talk to his supervisor, I asked for my number to be taken off his system, which he was unable to provide. I then asked for the name of his company and he was able to give me nothing but "CFS" and the 855#,

Report for 1-6782474318 - 2020-04-15 678
Same as JBo above. I never answer this kind of call, but was hoping they'd leave message for me to call. I did a short survey online for some site, not sure what the call stands for on my end, but probably something along the lines of a survey, right? :) I will be ignoring it.

Report for 1-6098418325 - 2020-04-15 609

Report for 1-6178925924 - 2020-04-15 617
Scammers from "Social Securities" from a company that "supposedly" helps make investment offers to stock holders.They have spoofed a number of real companies. Never, ever do business with scammers.

Report for 1-8177373536 - 2020-04-15 817
Received several calls from this number and no one is there so I blocked it. I am on the do not call list and they still call anyway.

Report for 1-5043668595 - 2020-04-15 504
Caller ID was "INMATE CALL". Left no message. Others say that, with all the recent calls from these crooks in the past week, it might be a political call about the upcoming elections. Blocked.

Report for 1-8123508929 - 2020-04-15 812
I have received this message about four times now from this number

Report for 1-8432174208 - 2020-04-15 843
Called about car insurance. Hung up quickly.

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