Report for 1-2314429732 - 2020-02-26 231
I just got one of these phone calls for several days, i was able to get back into my bank accounts and stop the transfer that the bank had made. They were trying to pull $4000.00 out

Report for 1-6149246761 - 2020-02-26 614
Caller ID just shows Texas. Don't know anyone in Texas so was blocking this number. A good reason to not answer the phone. They've been calling every single day for months. This time I was ready to pick up. So they kept calling me with different numbers, I blocked them, but they have a way to keep calling back through my phone. Unbelievable.

Report for 1-8506019377 - 2020-02-26 850
Called and left voicemail saying i had a warrant out for my arrest. Never heard of these people and never have I gotten anything in the mail to file for a warrant. I have no plans on calling these [***] back.

Report for 1-4077976800 - 2020-02-26 407
Has called my work several times this week and has not left a message.

Report for 1-9251503026 - 2020-02-26 925
Did not answer, no message. Thanks

Report for 1-4012213535 - 2020-02-25 401
Called but did not leave voicemail. Call back gets "number has been disconnected". Blocked their number.

Report for 1-7072266678 - 2020-02-25 707
just tried to call these [***] back and the line is full.....

Report for 1-9852895787 - 2020-02-25 985
Just called me and no message.

Report for 1-8565597409 - 2020-02-25 856
Caller wanted to speak with president or owner of a company. Would not disclose reason for call because she didn't want the owner of company to find out that she was scammers.

Report for 1-5098691709 - 2020-02-25 509
I answered this call and said hello three times to no response from the caller. Told me to call 844-330-2410 regarding a business matter.

Report for 1-2086900014 - 2020-02-25 208
"This is the social security administration I am calling your attention immediately I now need you or your retained attorney to have him to the line of authority to speak to you this

Report for 1-2083454869 - 2020-02-25 208
Message stated that if I did not return call by end of day authorities would come get me. Scam!!!!

Report for 1-9565481129 - 2020-02-25 956
Just got the same type of call from a computer calling from a different number.

Report for 1-7202218542 - 2020-02-25 720
I had the same call.

Report for 1-4046254986 - 2020-02-25 404
The guy left a message saying to call them back at 1888-214-0457 to clarify who they were and to avoid legal action to call back.

Report for 1-9091012144 - 2020-02-25 909
Called and hung up

Report for 1-9165788151 - 2020-02-25 916
Just got a call from this #. Recorded message saying I had a refund from a support program (that I never signed up for - never have!) & I should call their "trusted advisor" to claim it. I don't even know what it's about.

Report for 1-2486615200 - 2020-02-25 248
This is a scam. The are not the actual Verizon. The actual Verizon has a different phone number. Please do not give anyone from this number your information. They were asking for my personal identification, then tried to get a credit card account number and SSI. Please don't.

Report for 1-5036171377 - 2020-02-25 503
Keeps harassing me and family members.

Report for 1-5853043926 - 2020-02-25 585
They called twice. I answered the first time thinking it was my friends or relatives. They didn't answer. I called it back. It was for a vehicle warranty renewal. I asked a few questions but they hung up. I just blocked

Report for 1-6029570275 - 2020-02-25 602
They did the same to me yesterday as you got the call today and they said I won the $1.35. I told them my card would not handle anything they asked for my debit or credit card number. I said go [***] yourself

Report for 1-2025808634 - 2020-02-25 202
I received 2 text messages this evening from this number. The first one said:"Hello and welcome. I hope you're having a good day. Please call (415)234-0771.

Report for 1-9099473232 - 2020-02-25 909
Call on my voice mail. Man with an accent identified himself as a process server and said the call was about a court date. Informed him to serve a summons by mail at which time he said he would make one up. Told him that I had no idea what the person was referring to and never gave my last name. I hung up before he could continue.

Report for 1-5107546480 - 2020-02-25 510
Received the call, they left a message, they did not even ask for a name. Just saying my name.

Report for 1-5172239695 - 2020-02-25 517
They call and hang up every few days.

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