Report for 1-5082050067 - 2019-10-28 508
Recieved that call around 12:15 EST. Male voice recording trying to sell my company. Have been getting alot of these lately. A lot of the companies are in India.

Report for 1-7811481555 - 2019-10-28 781
I got a call from this number too. No message was left. I will block it, and let the next one go.

Report for 1-9132701615 - 2019-10-27 913
Called and nobody is on the other end. Call the number back and no answer.

Report for 1-8123368716 - 2019-10-27 812
This call is a scam! I have blocked this number already three

Report for 1-3102200632 - 2019-10-27 310
Just as everyone else is saying, they hung up and I am glad for these sites.

Report for 1-5045227294 - 2019-10-27 504
Called me today, left no message.

Report for 1-3208009353 - 2019-10-26 320
Called about someone I know in another state. I don't know how to report this number. They leave messages that don't say anything.

Report for 1-8123215397 - 2019-10-26 812
These people got me so far I thought a little more research might have been in order. I sent these people money because I saw this was a scam, then got a call from the same people. I tried calling back, they said it was a recorded line, so I hung up. I called again and the number was no longer in service. I have looked up the business information on the internet, and this company has multiple websites. The business in question is in Oklahoma, and when you search by town, the town is also attached to another business in South Dallas. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office and they have told me to ignore these calls and to do whatever I need to do to get the money back. I would like to find this person I am sure they would not like. I did give them my bank information I used a card they said I needed to use it with, but I have not use my bank card with a company I no longer do business with. I am trying to help someone else get the money back but so far they are not interested in getting their money back.

Report for 1-2156349322 - 2019-10-26 215
So you think that's why they deleted that message.

Report for 1-3142516335 - 2019-10-26 314
called my number at least 20 times before 9 yesterday... I am going to be arrested tomorrow morning...this is illegal...I will turn this to the local police department and FBI, then I will contact attorney

Report for 1-3107773456 - 2019-10-25 310
This number called, I answered, they didn't say anything, or disconnected. Then, a few hours later, I received a call from the same number from the same area

Report for 1-9109801604 - 2019-10-25 910
They called and left no voice message

Report for 1-2607000165 - 2019-10-25 260
I've been getting these at home and on my cell. I'm not a fireman and don't give money over the phone.

Report for 1-3098210039 - 2019-10-25 309
Just got a call, and I picked up and the caller hung up. The caller has no credibility.

Report for 1-9018665971 - 2019-10-25 901
I got this automated call too. It said to call back the number they gave. I'm glad I googled it first to see where it's coming from!

Report for 1-4355050042 - 2019-10-25 435
Scam call. I blocked this area code but they keep calling from other numbers

Report for 1-2137847334 - 2019-10-25 213
Called and hung up when I answered my cell phone. The message said they were looking for an employee. I called the number back and was directed to a voice mailbox. I left a message with them to stop calling me and they have not yet responded.

Report for 1-6158226889 - 2019-10-25 615
Another robocall on my work phone.

Report for 1-8124453232 - 2019-10-24 812
This number is calling me repeatedly, when I pick up the call no one answers

Report for 1-3022315411 - 2019-10-24 302
Just got a call from this number but it went straight to voicemail and I didn't get a second of it and it left no message. After reviewing the other comments, I see that it's some scam from someone who doesn't even bother to wait for you to leave a voicemail before they just keep calling and calling and calling. I didn't call it back either.

Report for 1-6018333473 - 2019-10-24 601
This number called twice left no message.

Report for 1-9104250818 - 2019-10-24 910
Said that my Social was used in the illegal way and that I have to go to my local police station and turn myself or my attorney in.

Report for 1-7324255492 - 2019-10-24 732
I receive a call from the same number saying "This is your Social Security Administration we need to talk to you this is a very important matter..."I think it's a scam since these days we don't have this kind of Social Security Administration from the SSA?

Report for 1-8436336307 - 2019-10-24 843
Scam message that says I will be taken into custody.

Report for 1-2164816060 - 2019-10-23 216
Same thing here, but from 513-919-5961

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