Report for 1-5043227284 - 2020-02-09 504
Got the same message on my cell phone. The caller is identified as Dwayne Miller.

Report for 1-8123193424 - 2020-02-09 812
We got a call from them too. Said they had a coupon for us to fill out to win a car and some free food. Said they would be delivering it to our house on January 29th. They call EVERY weekday morning and not only will our phone charge us a minute, but will be $10 on our bill from that call.

Report for 1-6613739226 - 2020-02-09 661
they hang up

Report for 1-8154552375 - 2020-02-09 815
Called my message. Called number back and it's a recording of someone saying..."thank you for calling. If you would like to be placed on the do not call list press 0. This is a recording and I didn't want to stay on the recording for anything else. This company is using my cell phone...not appropriate.

Report for 1-5716417399 - 2020-02-09 571
They call about 5 times a day, and it gets annoying

Report for 1-5052378800 - 2020-02-09 505
Got a call today from "IRS" about a pending case against me with the local County Attorney Office. The caller did not leave the name of the company or agency calling, However, had this information for me already; IRS, Bank Fraud and Legal and Crime Investigation. The area code is in Texas, I have not called this 855-208-1653. I will block if this

Report for 1-4159359122 - 2020-02-09 415
They kept calling me. It was a recording and it said to call them back at their number to avoid charges. When I called back a guy with a foreign accent answered the phone. Very hard to understand.

Report for 1-8452305263 - 2020-02-09 845
I got the same call, same person, same message. I called back and they were really rude, saying "you're gonna pay with a warrent for your arrest?" I told them I wasnt home, never was home, they claimed it wasnt an emergency. They asked me for my name, I told them, then they told me I wasnt a real debt collector.

Report for 1-8133669800 - 2020-02-09 813
Call saying my social security number is being suspended due to suspicious activity. No other information given.

Report for 1-3392013495 - 2020-02-09 339
I just got the same thing. Same caller and message. Very annoying.

Report for 1-6057825252 - 2020-02-09 605
Robotic dialers have been used in several states to harass and terrorize citizens "for" the purpose of stealing their personal banking info. I have not had such an intrusive call since the early 90's when Microsoft's anti terrorist team called and I had them blocked. Since then I have received countless call-backs with no option to opt out or be placed in a special do not call registry. You have to simply say "No, please don't call me any more. Thank you" and they give up. I have been fortunate enough to have

Report for 1-2817890859 - 2020-02-09 281
What can we do

Report for 1-7657360646 - 2020-02-09 765
Another bogus survey. They hang up when I try to ask questions. I called them back 4 times. The first 3 I just hung up on the machine. The 4th tried to get me to say my name on the CID, I don't have caller ID.

Report for 1-2204605025 - 2020-02-09 220
I called back and they said it was a reward redemption service of some sort.

Report for 1-3122740718 - 2020-02-09 312
Caller said she was with the Veterans Affairs and wanted to collect donations. When I said I could not donate any money over the phone, she hung up.

Report for 1-5033583117 - 2020-02-09 503
I just got a call from this number, a recording of a woman saying "This is not a sales call"... at which point it gave me a number to verify who they are and then hung up. I have been on the National Do Not Call Registry since 2003. I've been told that I have to put in my phone number after the first phone call to be on the registry, but I haven't done that yet. What kind of idiots keep calling after being asked to be removed from the DNC list? Or what company does that?

Report for 1-2063284831 - 2020-02-09 206
They call me to many time and do not left a message. I don' know who they are.

Report for 1-4083767229 - 2020-02-09 408
Called at 8 AM. I didn't answer and message was left. "Hello, this is Heather with Account Services. We have important information for you. Please call back the toll-free number 877-213-1701".

Report for 1-9374010841 - 2020-02-09 937
Same as above, saying my iCloud had been breached

Report for 1-7814002112 - 2020-02-09 781
Called at 8:45am on a Sunday saying they would not be able to serve me with legal papers at work if I did not call and reschedule. Left the 855 number.

Report for 1-9313689250 - 2020-02-09 931
I am sure I have said, "you are on the first page of DontFallForSh*t," but you are wrong - this company is legit. I have paid all outstanding balances and never been late nor behind in payment because it was part of a healthcare plan.You don't have to give them your SSN or any personal info. Talk to their official contacts on their official website which are very reputable.

Report for 1-2092680436 - 2020-02-09 209
Called several times in the last week. Never leaves a message.

Report for 1-8125283569 - 2020-02-09 812
no message

Report for 1-3213965254 - 2020-02-09 321
Caller identified as being with Care Security. Claim that I'm home all the time and they need a call back to renew my service with them. It was clear this was either a sales call or an idiotic call. I told the caller this and asked for a supervisor. I am on the do not call registry, yet I keep getting calls from this and similar numbers.

Report for 1-5072400663 - 2020-02-09 507
Scam number, called asking for a woman that had my daughter in another state over a year ago. I informed them that they had the wrong number, the caller apologized and hung up.

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