Report for 1-6172475908 - 2019-12-17 617
Caller id had the phone number. I called and recorded message said I was very important to them and then they hung up.

Report for 1-4072582601 - 2019-12-17 407
No message.

Report for 1-9083050530 - 2019-12-17 908
They called the other night and again the next day. I don't answer numbers I'm not familiar with. They didn't leave a message and they called in the morning for the first time.

Report for 1-9162847259 - 2019-12-17 916
Scam. Left a voice mail saying I need to call them or I will be in a big mess.

Report for 1-7370912010 - 2019-12-17 737
This is the most annoying call I receive. The phone rings and no one answers. I wish they would stop calling me. I am not in arrears on any bills. Why do they keep calling?!!

Report for 1-2028732791 - 2019-12-17 202
This number calls me, no message, I am so sick of these calls, this needs to stop!

Report for 1-7574270116 - 2019-12-17 757
No message.

Report for 1-2026848055 - 2019-12-17 202
Calls and hangs up when I answer the phone

Report for 1-2023243000 - 2019-12-17 202
They called my daughter. I got a call on my landline the morning of the 23 March 2019 and the message was identical as above. The number to call back was 1-855-223-0817, with a reference number. I called and the caller asked to verify all of my personal information so I had to tell them my full SSN, DOB, and DOB. I asked how she was going to verify her info when I don't even know where she is calling from, what her name is, etc. She said she couldn't until I verified my SSN and DOB before she can give me the info she has on record. I gave my DOB and she said I was being civil and she wasn't verifying my SSN and DOB over the phone...that was really weird. When I asked her how she got my DOB she said "I'm not authorized to tell you that" with a really weird laugh in her voice. I said no thanks because you're not saying how I was being civil (with you and no one else) and this has nothing to do with me, so...I was like...okay bye...and hung up.

Report for 1-2063887663 - 2019-12-17 206
Call was from a machine and was talking about the IRS and that they are filing a lawsuit against me for tax fraud or tax evasion and to call this number. Scam!!

Report for 1-9732674100 - 2019-12-17 973
Recieved a voicemail from them stating they are with the IRS and they are going to take legal action.

Report for 1-4025937101 - 2019-12-17 402
No answer

Report for 1-7852718663 - 2019-12-17 785
Got same call saying I was going to jail if I did not call back

Report for 1-3036290327 - 2019-12-17 303
Called at 11:40 AM. No message.

Report for 1-2018203999 - 2019-12-17 201
I just got a phone call from a person saying I owed 6,000 dollars to a payday loan back in 2011. I was very upset and gave him my banking information and everything. I called the county courthouse and gave them the information. I also called the payday loans and they denied the debt. I told them I wanted to see documentation that they said they had of this supposed debt. They said you have to tell the person the name of the company you have the debt and provide them with the information.I guess my next step is to report this company to my attorney general.

Report for 1-9032639391 - 2019-12-17 903
SCAM: Recording comes on and claims you have a new virus alert and that they received your computer and network reports. They then ask you to type whatever it is the computer shows you.

Report for 1-7731048010 - 2019-12-17 773
Received call from (973) 794-8633 stating I'm being sued by the IRS and to call 1-877-218-6853.

Report for 1-9893528560 - 2019-12-17 989
Caller ID states, "Call Type: New York NY". Left no message on the voice mail.

Report for 1-6462456039 - 2019-12-17 646
Same thing. Didn't say who they were

Report for 1-9196255094 - 2019-12-16 919
Called my mobile. Left no message

Report for 1-8124483565 - 2019-12-16 812
I get called by this number three times a day on my home phone and my cell phone. I am so furious. There were warnings in newspapers about auto loan scams but I have never applied for one. I hope they get this complaint against them soon. The auto loan company was alerted!

Report for 1-2142475010 - 2019-12-16 214
I got the call this morning saying they would be serving me tomorrow for a criminal investigation regarding IRS when I called the number to see what it was about they told me it was going to go to court if I don't pay 7,000 they had my name, the information with the last 4 of my social, and an old bank account i haven't had in about 10 years old. When I told them they haven't paid it they wanted $250 right now. Told them they would go ahead and serve me at my work and told me I would get a summons so I could be available in court the next day if this case went to court I could be in court next Monday. He couldn't give me a day or night to receive this so I told him I didn't want to pay anything until they told me what the nature of this claim was. Well he just ended the phone saying

Report for 1-7043578068 - 2019-12-16 704
Well, there are at least two possible ways to recover your money. Most likely you send them a debt validation letter as per their terms of use and in writing.You may also report this to the Federal Trade Commission (, at, then file a complaint.

Report for 1-7272289060 - 2019-12-16 727
Caller left a VM - said they were from Department of legal affairs

Report for 1-8432939965 - 2019-12-16 843
Scam! These ppl think they have a case and you need your lawyer. Never have and never will. Call blocker is your best bet :)

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