Report for 1-2199494200 - 2020-06-27 219
Scammers. They called. And it was obviously, a robocall. But the robocall wouldn't let me hear the name of the business, so I don't know much else.

Report for 1-5404338740 - 2020-06-27 540
I have received calls form this number as well as many more numbers from the Houston area. I have blocked numerous numbers and they still keep trying. This is such a scam. It is a local Houston number yet is a overseas number.

Report for 1-3393330439 - 2020-06-27 339
Caller Id: WV SCAM

Report for 1-3519497513 - 2020-06-27 351
Got a call on my cell phone from this number saying they were the Social Security Administration.

Report for 1-4242671065 - 2020-06-27 424
We got 2 calls today from this # and did not pick up. They left a message asking to return call. Since I am a Cisco specialist, I returned the call, and was greeted with 2 beeps then it disconnected.

Report for 1-2318949051 - 2020-06-27 231
Same - I asked them what the call was regarding and they said nothing...

Report for 1-3128808080 - 2020-06-27 312
Got it too. If this is a scam then it's really not funny now. I've done some research and there are several reasons why I'm sure the I.R.S. is in arrears. If you need to make it through the day, take control and file a complaints with FTC and at least the Attorney Generals office.

Report for 1-8153262103 - 2020-06-27 815
Scammers!!! These scum bags just called my job and my kids phones. This is not cool at all. Do not fall for this! Report them to the Attorney General, FTC, Federal Trade Commission.

Report for 1-3476200474 - 2020-06-27 347
It is important for you to understand the law. Do not ever believe anything these people tell you. They cannot prove anything to you if you call them. The company may give out personal information and you still have to take their word they are an actual law firm. You must look this up to your District Attorney, the state Attorney General, and the FTC , if this is a company that works with a credit reporting company. If anyone has information on who these people are and they are trying to collect a debt from a credit reporting place, then I would suggest reporting it to all agencies that will help you.

Report for 1-6127246468 - 2020-06-27 612
A robocall from Rewards Redemption Center - A search shows this number to be from Lathouse, ON. A land line using PEERLESS NETWORK OF CANADA, LLC - ON. They keep calling using a different new number after being told to remove my number from their call list and blocked.

Report for 1-8129273140 - 2020-06-27 812
I have had the same exact thing happen and they are claiming to be the social security administration and they have felony charges against me on my social security number

Report for 1-7135296615 - 2020-06-27 713
got call from unknown number but a recording claiming to be from the "US Grant Department" to claim my $9,000 grant money and I should call (206)447-1577 to claim my free $9000

Report for 1-4806668246 - 2020-06-27 480
They call constantly and I do not answer...if anyone find a way to stop them please let me know

Report for 1-9099497749 - 2020-06-27 909
Same message I got as mentioned above...I am sure it isn't a legitimate business...I don't have time to go back over all the "legal" information. I am just not amused. Especially from a person with such a poor English speaking ability telling me to call the call center 855 number. It definitely is sounding like a lot of other posts for the same situation...very few people speak very good English. Perhaps a different country using a local number and trying to extort money from an American.

Report for 1-9151753719 - 2020-06-27 915
Called and asked for my wife, wouldn't give her anymore info than that. Wanted to know what she was referring to. I asked who was calling, and he responded "your wife". I told that was none of his business. He asked for her again, and I asked what the name of his company was... he replied they weren't allowed to release that information to anyone but him. I told him we already know what their business is. That's when he said "we'll just have to send your file to another company for you to look at. You must need a job right now." I told him that we have no idea who they are and hung up.

Report for 1-5023591801 - 2020-06-27 502
Caller ID was "Out of area" which the voice mail picked up but left no message. Presumed telemarketer I assume.

Report for 1-2176823340 - 2020-06-27 217
Don't call them, you'll be sorry.

Report for 1-9164473124 - 2020-06-27 916
I am tired of getting these calls, i am on the no call list

Report for 1-2152799026 - 2020-06-27 215
This lady is scam artist and they need to be in jail for stealing ppl money

Report for 1-4144486384 - 2020-06-27 414
They called I didn't pick up since I do not know the number. They left

Report for 1-6465533693 - 2020-06-27 646
Calls and leaves no vm

Report for 1-8289899113 - 2020-06-27 828
Another scamming scumbag. Don't answer, just block, they'll move on.

Report for 1-3057223039 - 2020-06-27 305
Scammers, no one answer

Report for 1-4103524879 - 2020-06-27 410

Report for 1-9107875753 - 2020-06-27 910
They called and left a voice message on our home phone, claiming the IRS was taking us to court and that our bank accounts was being suspended, etc. and called back, when I asked who they were and why they kept calling, they kept hanging up on me when I asked why the phone was acting up. I called them back and asked

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