Report for 1-3234864230 - 2019-12-24 323
Called me as well today and again, I let the machine get it and no message was left and they are going on my blocked list

Report for 1-6154449357 - 2019-12-24 615
Weird calls from 866-410-7919 and 866-410-8028..

Report for 1-3100120002 - 2019-12-24 310
Called and left a message asking to call them back. I did. A guy with a strong accent answered, very quick. He said "Thank you for calling Xm Radio, how can he help you?" I said "I don't have Xm. What radio station is this?" He said "Sir, we are from an Xm Satellite Radio Company and we make $500,000 a year and we service the Houston, Texas area. Do you know Xm FM?" I asked him to repeat what he said and then ask that he identify himself, the call, the station and why they were calling if they weren't Xm.I did not ask for anything personal, so he refused. I was able to tell by his tone that he wasn't an employee at Xm Radio and then hung up. Later, the number called me right back as a direct number. I let it ring and just let it ring. When it went to voicemail, the only thing on there was the phone number to call. I don't know whether to be worried about who might be calling from the number that called me or just wish I had gone to the web site.

Report for 1-4239723245 - 2019-12-24 423
Got a call from this number today. I have no idea who this might be, they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-6302327261 - 2019-12-24 630
Scammers call from this number using "unavailable" as an available number . Just hang up or be their personal sounding machine. They don't have a clue how the real SSA works.

Report for 1-3238986044 - 2019-12-24 323
Same message as above, I think

Report for 1-5166276188 - 2019-12-24 516
Same thing happen to me today

Report for 1-3035866729 - 2019-12-23 303
This number has called me 13 times in the past 2 days. When I called back it said this is a disconnected call. The # calls over 20 times yesterday and 12 today.

Report for 1-7139840010 - 2019-12-20 713
Called to say they were IRS. Scammers

Report for 1-2067840059 - 2019-12-20 206
You can report them to your Attorney Generals office.

Report for 1-6164256161 - 2019-12-20 616
Unrecognized number. Blocked for the future. Scumbags.

Report for 1-8432381964 - 2019-12-20 843
A robocall from Un-named health insurance provider that will sign you up with this year's plans - press 1 to be connected to a specialist, press 7 to opt out - this happened at 11 pm on a night when children were being locked up and kids woke us up.

Report for 1-6316618300 - 2019-12-20 631
IRS would send a letter or send a local number.

Report for 1-6154449357 - 2019-12-19 615
Same here.

Report for 1-8604445125 - 2019-12-18 860
Called but didn't leave a message......

Report for 1-4012445772 - 2019-12-18 401
I got the same call

Report for 1-9096056891 - 2019-12-18 909
I was called 6 times today (11/15) from this number but I don't answer

Report for 1-6168933597 - 2019-12-18 616
Called my cell @9:14AM PDT. Did not answer. No message. CID=Newark, DE. The # is not registered to any reputable charity or organization. Blocked.

Report for 1-8565960558 - 2019-12-18 856
Just received a

Report for 1-4842540961 - 2019-12-18 484
Called me and said I was approved for a 7000 grant. And wanted me to call and give them money confirmation number to make it all go away.

Report for 1-9128647194 - 2019-12-18 912
I get calls from this number EVERY DAY. It's always to buy a service that I don't need and has already been discontinued. They call twice a day, every day. I've pressed option 3 to NOT pick up or option 1 to speak with someone. I have pressed option 1 and the call is dropped. They are now calling multiple times each day and hanging up when I pick it up.

Report for 1-9898565055 - 2019-12-18 989
This number called my cell phone earlier today. I answered. It was a recorded message from Apria Healthcare saying they were calling to speak to the caregiver. They said that caregiver has been told about a treatment and they needed to verify their personal information. It was a legitimate call. I told the person I was going to report it to the phone company and they thanked me. I was not concerned about privacy of any kind so I blocked the number.

Report for 1-2146996821 - 2019-12-17 214
Received another call from this number, this time I answered and they said nothing.

Report for 1-4402135562 - 2019-12-17 440
Called my cell, no message left.

Report for 1-7203857257 - 2019-12-17 720
I received a text message from this number "my name is fxx_mf what is your current address, I'll send you a check"

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