Report for 1-2813332475 - 2020-02-15 281
This is a SCAM call. The first thing they wanted was your bank routing number and you can't do that over the phone.

Report for 1-9049281103 - 2020-02-15 904
this number calls me every morning and it wakes me up i dont know who or what this is about i have blocked this number

Report for 1-3049657393 - 2020-02-15 304
I got two back to back calls. This is crazy!

Report for 1-9131406060 - 2020-02-15 913
I just got same call I called back told me to stop playing this games with them

Report for 1-9160581655 - 2020-02-15 916
Called at 11:57 PM. I missed the call. No msg left.

Report for 1-3618531733 - 2020-02-15 361
Got a missed call from this number. No message was left.

Report for 1-7272520432 - 2020-02-15 727
Just got a call from this phone number saying the " Social security administration" there was a warrant out for my arrest. And that this was my second final chance to avoid being taken into custody. I don't think so. Do not answer this call!!!

Report for 1-9498702102 - 2020-02-15 949
They called me at 11:08 am to tell me that I had won a prize. At that point I pressed the do not call and he answered again and I again pressed the do not call and waited for his supervisor to call again and the phone line went dead. This is absolutely a SCAM they are trying to get some personal information out of you. Don't give them anything they are scammers. You need to report this to FCC.

Report for 1-7721263591 - 2020-02-15 772
A man asked if I was still using my window system. I told him there is no window system at all and hung up. Just don't pick up the phone if it's a number you don't recognize.

Report for 1-4692086765 - 2020-02-15 469
They keep calling my office number. I answered once, they told me they had the wrong number but wouldn't stop talking.

Report for 1-9091510003 - 2020-02-15 909
Same experience as others - no message, hung up when answering machine came on.

Report for 1-5036171377 - 2020-02-14 503
called and said i won free stuff but i needed my visa card number to charge for shipping the gift card could be used for a million things and said to call the number 888-408-4063 if this was the free stuff you are suppose to get this card for then the call was a scam .....and i didn't even get a free 100 dollar gift card

Report for 1-8642317045 - 2020-02-14 864
I keep getting this call on my cell phone. When I answer, no one is there and no message is left. The one time I did talk to someone, I get no where so I hang up. I called it back and left a message telling them to take my number and not call me anymore. I did not give the name I just wanted the number to be removed from their list. It's annoying and I wish I knew how to stop them.

Report for 1-9515221129 - 2020-02-14 951
Called my cell twice. No message. Blocked now.

Report for 1-3175505534 - 2020-02-14 317
Yes, it was a recorded message claiming to be a state investigator looking for me to verify a person whose name I am not acquainted with, but they used my full name and my phone number, and then it said that the law enforcement was going to "have me prosecuted" on some charge I don't even know about. I just deleted the message. Don't bother calling back. You might get all this info on you.

Report for 1-2394948382 - 2020-02-14 239
they keep calling my workplace saying the same thing saying it will be a violation if i don't call back.

Report for 1-5610160927 - 2020-02-14 561
Received call this morning with a female saying if I don't pay they will have someone appear at my residence or work.

Report for 1-7242383387 - 2020-02-14 724
No voice, I blocked and blocked.

Report for 1-9091614874 - 2020-02-14 909
They called my cell phone 6/15/2014, Saturday morning, morning - I did not pick up, and they did not leave a message on the answering machine. I know they are looking for "Jenny", since some time earlier I have had a woman with that name calling looking for me. I've just reported them on the DO NOT CALL registry - they must be registered there, but I think they are exempt from prosecution.

Report for 1-4692101694 - 2020-02-14 469
This number called my job asking for me, saying that there a lawsuit and there being litigation action filed against me. They also gave me a case number and told to call them back at a 904-738-0561 before 3:00 PM to make arrangements to "pay what I owe". Called back and they knew my social security number.

Report for 1-3147993815 - 2020-02-14 314
Called 4/06, 12:33 PM, left no message

Report for 1-6106363467 - 2020-02-14 610
This company calls me several times every day from different numbers and different states. I have blocked all of them yet they keep calling anyway. Is there any way to sue these [***]?

Report for 1-6036649315 - 2020-02-14 603
Same with me as the caller who called at 11:15 a.m. this morning using a different name calling about 2-3 times every day. Never leaves a message and has called several times over the past 3-4 months. Very annoying indeed!

Report for 1-2766291533 - 2020-02-14 276
just got call from this number saying its about civil lawsuit....

Report for 1-2091700052 - 2020-02-14 209
Same experience here. Didn't answer, but the voicemail was clearly a recording. They claimed to be calling from Social Security Administration and there are serious allegations against me. If I do not call immediately, the "local cops" will arrest me. Obvious SCAM.

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