Report for 1-2146827864 - 2019-11-16 214
A woman called from a phone number that came up Silence -she said she was calling for the "American Police Officers Association". She asked if I could hear her - I said no - so she hung up - I am on the do not call register and will take action if a return call is made.

Report for 1-8502178240 - 2019-11-16 850
Answered... and waited for a very long time, no voice response on the other end. So, I hung up.

Report for 1-3142076272 - 2019-11-16 314
Did not answer the call,no message left

Report for 1-3153205015 - 2019-11-16 315
Caller said I have a lawsuit against me and an arrest warrent, and to contact the number above. I reported to the FBI website

Report for 1-5208894535 - 2019-11-16 520
A prerecorded voice from IRS about tax fraud.

Report for 1-2064246806 - 2019-11-16 206
It's a scam, they say I have been selected to receive $9000 but in order for me to get it I have to give them $250 for a tax on the amount of the grant. Scam

Report for 1-7024105856 - 2019-11-15 702
Have received two calls from this number from the last half hour. The calls went to voicemail since my outgoing machine was busy. They left no message. This is very annoying. Caller ID states it's from Hinken, MN, and I'm guessing if it were really from anyone at the White House, they'd know not to bother with a message. It's an annoying reminder that the

Report for 1-5132934775 - 2019-11-14 513
Called twice within 5 minutes and left a voicemail the message was a recorded woman's voice I guess the message started mid way because all they said was my name.

Report for 1-4052665732 - 2019-11-14 405
Called here on Memorial Day weekend. Didn't answer phone. Will report to the FTC.

Report for 1-2026564683 - 2019-11-14 202
I received a call from an automated-voice saying I won a $7,000.00 grant. It provided me with a number to call. I called and talked to a guy named Jack Lewis, ID #LN106781, and he gave me a grant ID I have to verify my ID to the government so that I can be granted this money. I knew something seemed wrong when he asked why I was calling a number that doesn't give out a direct call number, and I replied, "I'm not interested in anything you have to offer, and if I don't know what it is I don't want to do it". I still wanted for it to be true since I had no idea if it was a scam or what it would be all about. Just to be safe I told him I was going to get my husband to call back after we got home. By the way he sounded like he had an Indian accent. We didn't do anything but hang up and call our police department to report it.

Report for 1-2064081945 - 2019-11-14 206
A robo voice said I need a call from the Microsoft security. I called and got a person with a heavy Middle Eastern accent. I asked which company name they were using. He

Report for 1-9851835602 - 2019-11-14 985
The caller asked if the head of the household was available and I said no. There was a pause, then the caller said I would be sure to get your rebate and hung up.

Report for 1-2153721709 - 2019-11-14 215
They call and there is no one talking in the backround. I called back and it was a recording about a gift card

Report for 1-2129515520 - 2019-11-14 212
I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST! They have called every 24 hours today, at least 3X. Left voice mails about a loan of $5000. Will be reporting them tomorrow morning.

Report for 1-3138819847 - 2019-11-14 313
I keep receiving recorded telephone messages from these guys at least five times a day. I've asked them to remove me from their calling list and they keep hanging up.

Report for 1-3023169591 - 2019-11-14 302
A scam.

Report for 1-4357550099 - 2019-11-14 435
Called at my place of employment. I am not given any "no call" numbers for my personal cell. I did not answer and no message was left.

Report for 1-8123202588 - 2019-11-14 812
Called and left no msg.

Report for 1-5304483085 - 2019-11-13 530
Just recieved the same message from a John, this is a scam...

Report for 1-5415194201 - 2019-11-13 541
Got the call at 8:53 pm last night. No message left. I don't know anyone in Houston so, no reason for this call. Blocking it.

Report for 1-2108001448 - 2019-11-13 210
A lady called stating she is from the office of PAS and I need to pay $600 to them because I was being sued by the IRS. When I didn't pay she put a "supervisor" on the phone who then proceeded to tell me I was going to jail if I didn't pay...and when I told him I don't have $600 he got verbally abusive. I've reported them to the IRS.

Report for 1-9524355566 - 2019-11-13 952
Called from 765-262-8181 and told me to call this#. Same message today 4/25/2019. Did not call back.

Report for 1-5712102326 - 2019-11-13 571
I didn't answer but they did leave a voicemail that was just the second one I have ever heard where a woman's voice says "I have an important message!" and hung up.

Report for 1-2025526893 - 2019-11-13 202
No message.

Report for 1-6039996888 - 2019-11-13 603
They are at it again - they called and left a message but it was an automated response, not any live person. Said I would be arrested if I did not call back. They are still making the rounds

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