Report for 1-6032316144 - 2020-07-04 603
just got the message, I hate these calls.

Report for 1-8127183486 - 2020-07-04 812

Report for 1-2121705714 - 2020-07-04 212
This number called me today at work I answered and the guy who barely spoke English said he was "Steve". I said "Steve from what company?" and he said we work with several companies. I said no I just got your number from this call and I've had this same number for years - he said "oh" and hung up.

Report for 1-8013800219 - 2020-07-04 801
Called on 8/20/2019 at 11:45 am. No VM left.

Report for 1-7142762851 - 2020-07-03 714
I got this call and voicemail today from a guy with a heavy middle eastern accent saying he was from the legal department and that is were I needed to call "about legal documents coming to my house next Tuesday". He said they would attempt to serve papers the following two days in front of a court if I didn't have my husband by my side. He did this not once

Report for 1-4104030968 - 2020-07-03 410
I just got a call on my landline from this number. I have been getting the same call from so many different numbers, this is another of them. Blocking them from my cell phone now.

Report for 1-6038891166 - 2020-07-03 603
Just got the call...I just let the answering machine pick up and a "voice recording said I am being sued by the IRS", I did not call back...I have also turned into this scam to call your local area police dept

Report for 1-5177877438 - 2020-07-02 517
"This will be

Report for 1-5124289827 - 2020-07-02 512
This number called me and had my info and they were trying to collect money that had been taken out a loan. They are scammers!

Report for 1-5183124414 - 2020-07-02 518
Just got a call from this number, they called

Report for 1-5010537113 - 2020-07-01 501
No message left.

Report for 1-4124894066 - 2020-07-01 412
I got a call from this number. A woman left a voicemail saying something like "This is an important message regarding your property...blah blah 2 to be connected to credit services...I hung up. I don't even own a home or a property. So I think this is a scam or at the very least telemarketer/solicitor.

Report for 1-2063171301 - 2020-07-01 206
It is some "health promotion "place" - call back number is 817-390-8014. I pressed "2" to be removed (from their list) and will see if that actually works.

Report for 1-9412204997 - 2020-07-01 941
Called and did not leave a message

Report for 1-5624316586 - 2020-07-01 562

Report for 1-3212066300 - 2020-07-01 321
They are calling for a car warranty and I just got a new car so the call was definitely NOT for that reason. This seems to be a scam and I wouldn't answer

Report for 1-8123806726 - 2020-07-01 812
Received an automated call at 7:45 AM and 7:30 AM today that stated I have a medical problem and needs to call the 877-253-9709 number. This is obviously a scam to get me to give out my personal information. I just deleted the message from my phone.

Report for 1-8585359055 - 2020-07-01 858
"Social Security Administration, this is your final call to review your benefits, and press one to speak to a Social Security representative. Press zero is to be taken off this list."I pressed "0" and a guy started talking to me about how I don't have SS, that they don't send letters to me about benefits. I kept saying "I just called the Social Security office, please don't call me, this is the third time this number has called." He hung up so I called back again. This time a woman answered but didn't identify herself as a Social Security representative and asked me for my name and SS number to look up my case. (Did I just say "Scammer" on purpose? Or the computer was messing with me.) I said, "I'm really not sure what's going on with this call. But I wanted to report it to you in the future." She said, "Okay, thank you." and then blocked me.

Report for 1-9135222374 - 2020-07-01 913
Called at 9:19 pm on a Tuesday night. I have not had this number for a couple of years so I know it's not for me. Scam. Blocking this number.

Report for 1-5044852300 - 2020-07-01 504
received call from this number at 7:32pm central time. did not answer, no voice mail left. called back at 8:30pm with caller id blocked and just got busy signal. this is ridiculous. do not call list is useless

Report for 1-3613173284 - 2020-07-01 361
I got a call from 561-351-0120, but caller left voice mail, and call was ended. I do not know what kind of scam this is.

Report for 1-6611803710 - 2020-07-01 661
Called about a security breach with my social security. I am a senior and it scares me I am not going to go to the police to report the scam. I was going to play with them however not doing anymore and blocked them

Report for 1-3522415852 - 2020-07-01 352
Just got the same recorded call. I work from home. THey say the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me.I haven't gotten anything yet from the IRS.

Report for 1-2134122701 - 2020-07-01 213
Just got a call from this number and nobody was there. I am also on the National Do Not Call List

Report for 1-3129615647 - 2020-07-01 312
Bogus. Scam. They have called me 2 days in a row. Both times I have missed the call so the voicemail is blank. The voicemail says my call is important to them and I'm to call them back a 7 digit reference number. Same 7 digit reference number as others. I can say with 100% certainty this is a scam. I've received similar calls over the past month or two from a slightly different fake number and a person who claims they will be sending me a $100 credit card. I've reported the previous to the federal trade commission and will do so again from now on.

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