Report for 1-9160142373 - 2019-03-06 916
Scam? What scam?

Report for 1-9164093127 - 2019-03-04 916
Keep getting a call from this number everyday. When I answer, there is noone there but a beep, then i get a beep and go to voice mail, and no message. Please stop this [***]

Report for 1-9162460253 - 2019-03-03 916
I have received 2 calls in the last 2 days. Message states this is my last chance to activate auto insurance of my choice and to call back. I do not and will not call the number given back

Report for 1-9163008862 - 2019-03-02 916
they want to give me a chance to renew and they said you have to give them the number for renewal on the card. I asked what is the point, no answer and said I don't care. They ask for a number to call back to. I then hung up the phone

Report for 1-9163708779 - 2019-03-01 916
Calls multiple times a day, when I answer, there is no one there, and hangs up the phone.

Report for 1-9167844897 - 2019-02-28 916
Well they are now using a number spoofed to a local Wells Fargo Bank number instead of the Wells Fargo number they use for the customer services. I wouldn't trust this number as the Wells Fargo fraud department isn't opening till 11 am. Also, Wells Fargo would mail you a letter not call you over the phone (which you would know on the spot if you called), instead we have a company called Account Management Services which is a third party that calls when needed. The letter is a way to get you to call them back so they can record it, and possibly get more info about you. Best of luck all!!!

Report for 1-9168794599 - 2019-02-22 916
N/A Scam suspicionLow life pieces of human crap

Report for 1-9162589981 - 2019-02-22 916
Missed call. No vm message. Blocked their [***].

Report for 1-9163174626 - 2019-02-15 916
My wife received unwanted call from this number from a very rude indian accent and the man said he was from State Investigation Service (SSI)...I told her not to answer the phone since her state government offices don't work that way. They called a couple times and I tried to call back the number but the phone automatically hangs up .

Report for 1-9164787808 - 2019-02-13 916
They have called me four times. I called back and it was busy.

Report for 1-9160418041 - 2019-02-08 916
Yes i received a call for the same thing, but they did not even say my name.

Report for 1-9167880194 - 2019-02-07 916
this person is a liar..they also called my daughter and then tried to scam her with something about money laundering. she is elderly and doesnt understand

Report for 1-9162298494 - 2019-02-04 916
They call 2 times a day, and the first 2 it comes up anonymous like it says they got your number from one of the many people you can guess who they are. The last 2 they call I didn't answer. I have been getting my phone number through Facebook but they never leave a message, so I don't know who they are.

Report for 1-9163169855 - 2019-02-02 916
Another one from this # and another 8 in the last few days. No message, another blocked. Thanks for the information, folks. Nice try, but we will remember to block as we must in this age of the scammers.... (well, the "social security number" scam)

Report for 1-9164096103 - 2019-02-01 916
Call at 9:32 a.m. no message. I called back and went to voicemai. It was a recording saying press 1 if you know _____ or press 2 if you know this is ______. If i didn't press 2, they would proceed with filing the paperwork. I told

Report for 1-9163008862 - 2019-01-30 916
called cell. Did not leave message

Report for 1-9166705892 - 2019-01-28 916
Called at 5:30 P.M. PST. My son answered the phone. They asked for me by name. Then a woman asked me to confirm my address. I declined and said I would confirm my address by not answering a call from them. At 7:00 P.M., I received a call on my landline from a blocked number. No message. Just 10 minutes after the first call, I received 3 more calls on my landline. No messages.

Report for 1-9167880194 - 2019-01-25 916
Called here today around 4:40 PM PDT. Did not answer. No msg.

Report for 1-9169249596 - 2019-01-24 916
Got a call from this number today too. Didnt answer.

Report for 1-9163008862 - 2019-01-23 916
I let it go to voice mail. The same message as noted before, about credit card debt that is $3000 and interest rate of over 9%. I didn't press 1 to talk, because then I know it is a recorded call.

Report for 1-9163717717 - 2019-01-20 916
Called cell. Left no msg.

Report for 1-9160581655 - 2019-01-20 916
Just got a call from this number. I was surprised that they called a place of business (they called my office) and they didn't say anything. I was about to tell them off when I realized they didn't say a word. (I love when these scams use spoof numbers.)

Report for 1-9166818770 - 2019-01-18 916
Call blocker might be of some help. Also, do NOT call numbers back untill you have confirmed them. All that does is verify your number is a "real" one, and it opens the door for even more calls. And, just by listening carefully to the recorded message, you confirm your number is "live" ... so more calls! Do NOT call numbers back, not even from people you actually know!

Report for 1-9167776565 - 2019-01-16 916
They called our business today, left a computer generated message saying they were looking for a specific person. I called the number back, talked to someone. They told me that the call was meant for some dude, but because I do have family in the area that might be related to me, they told me they were looking for him. I called back four times, finally got an answer and said it was the wrong number and it's the wrong person and they said they'd take my number off the file....we'll see what happens. We have a business, so I have no idea who it was.

Report for 1-9162460253 - 2019-01-15 916

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