Report for 1-9162589981 - 2020-03-24 916
Same thing happened to me. A few days ago I had a call saying my husband owed money. It scared me so bad I nearly paid them! I called them back and they told me they would settle with me and they were going to be filing charges. I told them no I would take a money order I just needed more information because I knew nothing about it. Then she said the sheriff will come to my home and arrest me... I told them go right ahead. I am reporting them as fraud, phone number, and all. They are trying to steal from hard working people!

Report for 1-9160371122 - 2020-03-18 916
Recieved an automated call stating to avoid being taken to court, call the number back. I called 3 times, and each time, it went through. I got nothing but music and then someone came on the line and stated they were the IRS and then told me to [***] if I wasn't [***] with them by now. I hung up. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!

Report for 1-9160142373 - 2020-03-18 916
I've been receiving phone calls from this number for over 6 weeks, daily. I don't answer calls that aren't in my contact list and they don't leave a message. It's really annoying.

Report for 1-9167844897 - 2020-03-14 916
Threat from IRS, they called twice today

Report for 1-9163077273 - 2020-03-12 916
No message. Scammers

Report for 1-9163717717 - 2020-03-08 916
I am

Report for 1-9162058788 - 2020-03-05 916
I think they're just fishing for valid numbers ... just hit 1 and someone answers. They'll then keep calling. Or sell the number to somebody else in order to get more scam numbers.

Report for 1-9164473124 - 2020-03-01 916
Recvd call today. No message left.

Report for 1-9163592211 - 2020-02-28 916
I got 1 this afternoon on my cell, then 1 at my job. So I called them back and asked for my # to be removed. I told them it was my cell #, so it was no way that it was removed. They asked if the other number was so and so, I said yes and told them to remove all my cell #, work # and home #s so why are you calling. I told him I was going to report your company to the Attorney Generals Office and hung up. I called them back and said I was going to report the company, they said get a lawyer and hung up....

Report for 1-9167426953 - 2020-02-27 916
I received a call on my cell phone from this number on my cell phone number which has no business association with the person who the call was for. I received the call between 9:30-10:17am PST.

Report for 1-9165788151 - 2020-02-25 916
Just got a call from this #. Recorded message saying I had a refund from a support program (that I never signed up for - never have!) & I should call their "trusted advisor" to claim it. I don't even know what it's about.

Report for 1-9167006000 - 2020-02-21 916
This is a collection agency. They have called me a few times and I can say with 100% confidence that this is one of their numbers. They use different numbers, different business names, but same area code and numbers to call from. I answered once and gave them my card number, which I guess is legit. But I still get the calls all of the time.

Report for 1-9164096103 - 2020-02-16 916
Called and left no message. Blocked!

Report for 1-9160581655 - 2020-02-15 916
Called at 11:57 PM. I missed the call. No msg left.

Report for 1-9168752706 - 2020-02-11 916
Called at least twice in the middle of the evening, said nothing, then hung up.

Report for 1-9162645471 - 2020-02-11 916
Missed a call from this number to my son's cell, he didn't answer

Report for 1-9167880194 - 2020-02-11 916
I receive at least 4 phone calls a week at my office from this number. I finally got fed up and called them back and they would not tell me the reason for the call. They told me they were from a law office that handled civil matter against a friend of mine so I hung up and called back. They still won't tell me the reason for the call and they said that they would put my number on the do not call list. This is going to be really annoying as I am trying to get my office to take the number off of their call list.

Report for 1-9169721833 - 2020-02-09 916
I answered the call, they hung up. I called back and the number was not in service. This is a scam calling.

Report for 1-9164333374 - 2020-02-08 916
Scammer, robocaller

Report for 1-9166054820 - 2020-02-08 916
Received a call today saying I was going to be charged $299 to my credit card of all things for some subscription I do not know who it was but I would like to cancel it. Did not have time to answer this call.

Report for 1-9164473124 - 2020-02-05 916

Report for 1-9166818770 - 2020-02-05 916
Asked how my weekend was going, wouldn't have an exact name but they did know my name and asked me to verify it. After asking a couple of times, the man hung up. I don't know how they got my number. I'm not on the do-not-call list.

Report for 1-9167918452 - 2020-02-04 916
Got the same call. They left a message, it was a man.

Report for 1-9162404094 - 2020-02-04 916

Report for 1-9165607750 - 2020-02-03 916
Called left no message.

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