Report for 1-9169249596 - 2017-08-27 916
These scammers need to be stopped. I never answer any number of numbers that I don't recognize. What good is being on the "Do Not Call List" if nothing stops them? What good is being on the dnc list if nothing stops them? I have Verizon and have had my do-not-call list for a very long time. I have never had a scammer call my phone. The list is as worthless as the callers.

Report for 1-9162623867 - 2017-08-26 916
Same thing here.

Report for 1-9163717717 - 2017-08-24 916
Thanks for the heads up. They called and left a message. Blocking now.

Report for 1-9163174626 - 2017-08-18 916
No msg

Report for 1-9169120161 - 2017-08-15 916
Called back. Recording states they work with some charitable foundation or organization and if you would like to be added to their do not call list, please press 2. I did that. Hope this prevents calls!

Report for 1-9162225933 - 2017-08-06 916
Same exact call as the other reported messages. This scammer can't even keep it straight! Caller with heavy Indian accent.

Report for 1-9167844897 - 2017-08-04 916
Called at 12:17 today and left no message

Report for 1-9165607750 - 2017-08-01 916
This number called my wife and I in the same minute. I picked up the phone thinking it was a family emergency but there was no one on the line and I got a voicemail. It was like 2 seconds of silence and then they just hung up. I am getting really careful with my cell numbers now because of these types of calls. It freaked me out when they called so I looked the number up and it's a scam number. How sad that they have to scam innocent hard working people! I am going to be blocking it from my cell phone now. When they called my wife and I, it was a different number and so we blocked it but they keep calling. I hate that these scams can so easily take away people's happiness

Report for 1-9166705892 - 2017-07-31 916
If you have any of those companies that has a debt collection and recovery program in your area, then you may try doing your homework and just making a call to the company. These people are just taking data for their call list.

Report for 1-9162225933 - 2017-07-29 916
Fake, Scam Student Loan Forgiveness SCAM!

Report for 1-9160142373 - 2017-07-26 916
Same here

Report for 1-9164605722 - 2017-07-26 916
Called my business number. No VM left.

Report for 1-9162658304 - 2017-07-25 916
Same thing - robocall on answering machine saying MS license expired and if I don't want to charge 299.00 a month, to call this number. Obvious scam

Report for 1-9169120161 - 2017-07-25 916
I just got a call from this number on my cell phone. I don't answer a call unless I recognize the caller. Just let it go to voice mail. They left no message.

Report for 1-9161561210 - 2017-07-22 916
Rude caller. I told them that there is no need to call me and hung up. They called back and said that I had called them and left that number then hung up. I called again and told that it was harrrasing me that they have called me several times and hung up on me. I will report this to the police.

Report for 1-9163592211 - 2017-07-12 916
The caller ID on my cell showed 'Out of Area', so I did not answer. They left no message.

Report for 1-9169574682 - 2017-07-11 916
Got the same thing in VA. It's a robo call but she doesn't identify who she is with when I asked her.

Report for 1-9165607750 - 2017-07-08 916
Keeps calling my landline.

Report for 1-9162404094 - 2017-07-08 916
Another scammer.

Report for 1-9160999160 - 2017-07-06 916
they called my phone and left a message saying they need me to verify personal information and I need to make sure I have not been involved in any kind of accident. If you have been involved in an accident and there is no one there to collect the debt it will go to the county and they will start proceedings against you. Do not give any personal info. This happened to me a few years ago my grandmother was in serious accident and she was given a settlement and she did not like it, they tried to scam her, her grandson tried to scam her for a small settlement and was not given the rest of the settlement.

Report for 1-9166818770 - 2017-07-04 916
Called at 11:01 am. No message left. SCAM!

Report for 1-9163169855 - 2017-07-02 916
Received an automated message saying that I "was being investigated for several serious violations. Contact the financial enforcement Department at 866.207.2191 immediately" - yeah, right. If you did not send the information, they will not be able to do anything with the information they have. If you have sent some type of payment or something, it is your fault for them getting all that information about you.

Report for 1-9161561210 - 2017-06-30 916
Left no message.

Report for 1-9166977193 - 2017-06-28 916
no message left, blocked

Report for 1-9169721833 - 2017-06-25 916
I received a call from "Officer Smith" at 818-251-5554 stating I have a summons for court and need to call or there will be legal action taken against me from a driver license agency.

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