Report for 1-9093100111 - 2017-09-13 909
Called my cell and said they need info on a complaint that was filed

Report for 1-9095772147 - 2017-09-13 909
They called my cell, left no message, and hung up when I answered. I called the # back and it is a survey. I asked who they were & they said they would remove my number from their database, but I would still be contacted by telemarketing calls (as I am on a do not call list since 2010). I will also report their # to the FTC.

Report for 1-9099252446 - 2017-09-02 909
Same as everyone else here . Called and did not answer and no vm was left. Blocked number.

Report for 1-9091602556 - 2017-08-30 909
I think the best thing you can do with a debt collector is record the call as evidence in court. In my case, they were not legally allowed to argue that they were the owner of the record; only upon an offer to arbitrate could they be legally held liable for the debt. You can get a recording of the call so you can be able to prove the denial in court.

Report for 1-9095772147 - 2017-08-29 909
I got a call a couple of weeks ago from a "Gabe Jackson" on my work phone number. He stated that I had a lawsuit against me and he needed to verify my information (social security number, name, etc.) I asked him what company was filing against me. He got defensive and started yelling at ME. I stated that his threat was illegal and his

Report for 1-9095303327 - 2017-08-26 909
Just added to blacklist.

Report for 1-9099252446 - 2017-08-17 909
Called my work place 4 times in a row and told the receptionist he was calling for the city (which I did not know, it's a 714 area code). I am a private business person and have no way of knowing if is my employer or not. This is a business line and needs no advertising

Report for 1-9095786045 - 2017-08-13 909
Claims to be IRS and filing a lawsuit against me and demands I call them back. Scam!

Report for 1-9099555906 - 2017-08-12 909
I got a call from this unknown number. A man left a message that it is very important he get a hold of me. He said the name of the person. He didnt say why he is calling. I never answer any unknown numbers. It should be illegal to use a local phone number. I called from my cell and they told me the number and it had been disconnected?? This needs to stop.

Report for 1-9098205030 - 2017-08-09 909
My parents got a call from 800-214-4340. I called back and got the "this number is no longer in service' message. I think it is a scam.

Report for 1-9091463408 - 2017-08-06 909
Just got it too..I did not message.

Report for 1-9096977268 - 2017-07-28 909
Claims to be IRS suing.

Report for 1-9091463408 - 2017-07-05 909
They called me this morning at 10:55am and did not leave a VM.

Report for 1-9094702694 - 2017-07-01 909
The call came from a local number (which you would never have known to be a toll free number, because the area code is usually unknown to the person

Report for 1-9093215808 - 2017-06-30 909
I did not answer, let them leave a message.

Report for 1-9091510003 - 2017-06-20 909
If you don't recognize it, don't answer. If a message is ever left, it will be from someone who can't speak English quite properly, and then they will ask for your name and get your SSN. I don't answer because I don't recognize the number if they don't leave a message. I'll just block it next time.

Report for 1-9091463408 - 2017-06-18 909
Answered by mistake, it was a guy with a southern accent trying to sell me solar panels. I hung up.

Report for 1-9096056891 - 2017-06-11 909
Answered call, no one there.

Report for 1-9095495948 - 2017-06-10 909
Just received this robo scam call today from the "IRS" . . . SCAM. Block them fools

Report for 1-9098120002 - 2017-06-05 909
Call every day, 3 time during work and they get the phone, but nothing. We have callers for them, so we dont answer the phone when we see the # on ID, if its a legit call

Report for 1-9093100111 - 2017-06-05 909
Same thing - called, nobody there

Report for 1-9091902239 - 2017-05-25 909
Yup.. I was interested in something on craigslist.. when you are selling something for a fee how hard is that.... so I emailed the person. Well he/she replied back with a scam, because he/she said, "what is the final price of the item??? I will need you to get back to me with the total amount for both. "I know people have the nerve to text and "fake" this... but I'm just warning people!

Report for 1-9097402043 - 2017-05-10 909
We have received a call every day this week from 855-402-2039. They leave no message. And on the other line, when you answer,

Report for 1-9098697659 - 2017-04-30 909
I called this number back and it was "Free Cruise Line" I told them I didn't need it and they said it would be delivered by some unknown person. I asked to be taken off of their call list, and she hung up on me!!

Report for 1-9097402043 - 2017-04-26 909
Called me, did not leave a message. I called them back and it was a recording stating "The number you dialed a pay as you go number and you will be connected soon. If you'd like to be removed press 9." I pressed 9.

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