Report for 1-9091602556 - 2018-01-23 909
I just had 3 of these calls. 3 in one day! 3. Who are these people - what are they doing? I am on the do not call list.

Report for 1-9091602556 - 2018-01-09 909
Got the same call and i live in CA

Report for 1-9099900192 - 2017-12-31 909
I received 2 calls and a message stating it was the IRS filing suit against me, and I needed to call them asap.

Report for 1-9099900192 - 2017-12-24 909
Called my cell. I do not answer if I do not recognize the number. Left no message.

Report for 1-9094702694 - 2017-12-24 909
Same... they just tried calling again and I told them there is nothing they are trying to get at me... they got mad on the phone and said I better be ready to fight back and he was going to come arrest me. I kept him on the phone for 10 minutes, then he hung up on me... I called them back and they said you should take care of this then hung up on me...

Report for 1-9099735488 - 2017-12-17 909
Caller ID says "unknown name". Left a recording that says there are pending charges against me and I must call back to discuss the charges with the investigator on my case number...which of course I don't have. Scammers!

Report for 1-9092803232 - 2017-12-06 909
Have called 5 times over the last three days - no messages left. When you call back, it immediately hangs up.

Report for 1-9094702694 - 2017-11-21 909
I receive at least 3 calls per week from the number and its a scam to take your CC #. They are calling from a bank in China. I have been told by them not to use any CCs if this number is calling you.

Report for 1-9096977268 - 2017-11-18 909
Robo scam. Robocall saying your Google business listing is going to be deleted if you do not call 818-334-1317 today.

Report for 1-9091463408 - 2017-11-12 909
Student loan debt collector

Report for 1-9099900192 - 2017-11-12 909
Same message

Report for 1-9091602556 - 2017-11-09 909
Just had a call from this woman from VPA and Associates. She was asking for someone else and after I stated it's not that person's number she apologized and hung up.

Report for 1-9091510003 - 2017-11-05 909
Call for a "carpet cleaner"

Report for 1-9093100111 - 2017-10-31 909
They just called my work. When I told the man on the phone that he had the wrong number because I was being harassed, I was told to shut up and listen. I explained I am being harassed, and the guy was saying "I don

Report for 1-9091901235 - 2017-10-27 909
Got the same call. I googled and found this site. Thanks.

Report for 1-9091510003 - 2017-10-26 909
I received a text from this number at 1:45 pm today. It was like a text saying "Hello. Are you there?" and I responded with a very nasty response. I also asked for a company name that would not come up on google searches. The response "I cannot give away my full corporate name. This is actually a company that I've never heard of. The phone is private, so I cannot disclose any other details." I've had several of these phone calls this past week. I have no idea what they want as I am a firm believer in privacy. So I have no idea who or what they are talking about. I don't care who it was from, it was very aggressive and unprofessional to me. I really wouldn't like if I did talk to them! I would just figure I was going to get charged for a text from a number I can not verify.

Report for 1-9094702694 - 2017-10-25 909
They are claiming they are a debt collector and when you try to call them back to get more information they get rude and say you should stop threatening them. I am not intimidated and have never been threatened by anyone so I am going to block their number. If they had a case against me they would send a court summons by mail.

Report for 1-9098120002 - 2017-10-22 909
Just received Call from this #. No message

Report for 1-9095772147 - 2017-10-21 909
called them back and asked them what is the name of their company.The lady kept saying how I need to provide you the number so we can pull up your file. I said no! No company information or any other info! She said I've got your file and will just pull up the information here. If you don't have my number then I have nothing with you!I'm not giving any information over the phone I'm not even giving you any of my information.

Report for 1-9091463408 - 2017-10-02 909
Just received a call from this number on my cell. No message left.

Report for 1-9097402043 - 2017-10-01 909
We have a bill with the SSA that is about to be garnished because this SSI has called our office several times to try to get us to pay it.

Report for 1-9099497749 - 2017-09-27 909
This number keeps calling my phone. No message.

Report for 1-9098205030 - 2017-09-21 909
Texted me to call them so we can buy some item

Report for 1-9093847272 - 2017-09-18 909
This scammer called my cell phone #, saying he was calling from Microsoft, and I was at my bank, and had to pay $199 now, or something, in order to prevent my bank cancelling my card. (That's not even my bank). After reading these posts, I have blocked this number.

Report for 1-9093847272 - 2017-09-18 909
Call saying that my SSN has been linked to fraudulent activities.. Same message as the above. I blocked this number.

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