Report for 1-9098697659 - 2019-02-08 909
Call from the "Firm" (I don't remember the last name, and it sounded "scary") for a payday loan from 2011, in which I never took out. I just had to call them to make sure I didn't have to give them any money now, which, by the way, I couldn't legally do...The scary thing? I knew it wasn't mine. Anyway, said if I didn't respond they would "take legal action" and "seek my enforcement" (not sure what I was told, because the tone in their voice was not professional, nor the language was even remotely the word, not to mention it was obviously the wrong time stamp for the area code. Don't answer the phone either, and if you get a call from anyone like this DO NOT waste your time. They are just trying to get money out of people, because after all, they obviously got a hold of some information and want to get it for themselves. If you do happen to talk to them, just tell them you are aware it is a scam, and that you are sending all information about these crooks to the Attorney General. Tell them that you will be turning the information over to the Attorney General and the Department of Justice. The real issue is, just why can't the authorities shut these crooks down? If this scam could be traced down to a company...Why can't they do something about it? Just wondering, anyone?

Report for 1-9098120002 - 2019-02-05 909
I also received a call on my cell. I've already read the posts from everyone else here, so I simply added it to my reject list.

Report for 1-9091510003 - 2019-01-29 909
Calls every evening and doesn't leave a message.

Report for 1-9096977268 - 2019-01-24 909
I received a call from this number; however, they did not leave a voicemail.

Report for 1-9098697659 - 2019-01-17 909
It's a telemarker

Report for 1-9099252446 - 2019-01-13 909
I'm sick of these unwanted calls.I'm on a no call list but they still keep calling . This is illegal ,someone should stop them.

Report for 1-9099402706 - 2019-01-06 909
Called, left no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-9097402043 - 2018-12-23 909
They keep calling and leave me voicemails at least 6 calls in 1 day. It is a recording and states my Apple account was breached or something wrong with it, and asks me to press 1 to talk to a support advisor. It's a scam I am sure, I blocked them. They have called 3+ times today.

Report for 1-9099473232 - 2018-12-22 909
I had a missed call from this number..I called them back and I got a recording saying it was the fund raiser center..It does nothing but keep the phone from being disconnected..So far I've blocked 5 of their numbers...

Report for 1-9099555906 - 2018-12-22 909
Called but did not leave a message. My phone indicated that this was from "United States" so I blocked it.

Report for 1-9093215808 - 2018-12-21 909
I recieved a call from this number yesterday also. The guy claimed that i had just signed a loan and that he was going to have his lawyer contact me. When I told him that i had not signed anything and to please contact me via mail he got very angry and hung up. I called back this morning and the number he had called from was 844-212-1329 and it has called me 4 times in 45 minutes. I have now blocked the caller.

Report for 1-9099900192 - 2018-12-19 909
Just received a call from this number. I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. No message left. Caller ID showed: VETEL.

Report for 1-9098697659 - 2018-12-11 909
It's a scam. I called the number and the person who answered tried to play dumb when I asked for info. If you get a call from this number, ignore it.

Report for 1-9093100111 - 2018-12-11 909
Just got a call from this number. I didn't answer and there was no message left. I am on dnc list, why do these people even think I am going to answer and how in the world do they even get my cell phone number? Scammers!!!

Report for 1-9095786045 - 2018-12-08 909
Got a call from them today. No voice message

Report for 1-9099524919 - 2018-12-05 909
i just got a call fron here in india too. i was busy and i missed it, and then i look up the # on here, and it brought me here. what is it? is it a new prank that is happening now in india? is it a virus scam?i don't think so. i haven't called it back yet

Report for 1-9091602556 - 2018-12-03 909
If you call the number back, get the same recorded message, "if you want to be removed to follow the instructions" and is that interesting...." if you press 1 you can say your number will be removed."

Report for 1-9097402043 - 2018-11-26 909
The scammers don't care about the DNC anyway :) And the DNC list is totally meaningless anyway! These scammers might call you for a couple years after spoofing a DNC registered number, but then they will change to a different number and start all over again.

Report for 1-9091901235 - 2018-11-12 909
Caller ID said Out of area from a phone number with no name. Answered to an automated "This is an Officer Robert William calling from the Department of Social Security Administration...." When I returned call, was instructed "to call back a different number."

Report for 1-9095772147 - 2018-11-11 909
i have received calls from this number. they never leave a message and i am not a calspam.... so, it doesnt have to be telemarketers i guess? if the calls dont stop i will keep an eye on my phone bill.....

Report for 1-9095772147 - 2018-11-10 909
I keep getting calls and no voice message. I blocked now, This is just a scam to get you to pick up the phone. Donot ever pickup this call. And tell you all those people you don't know. to call them back. That never stops them.

Report for 1-9093847272 - 2018-11-09 909
Scammers calling to say your Apple account has been breached, just need to do a little questioning. Block them if you can. Caller ID showed 'Apple, Inc. - CA'

Report for 1-9098205030 - 2018-10-15 909
Reccomend you actually read the thread. It is not as cryptic as your post.

Report for 1-9098205030 - 2018-10-01 909
They called and left message stating my name as an example saying that there is a warrent out for someone not me so I call the number but only get a generic voice recording stating that my call will be very much appreciated but that it will wait while my call is be answered by my case worker. I called twice and the call was answered with no voicemail. I am considering reporting to police but it sounds like a scam.

Report for 1-9099497749 - 2018-09-27 909
Scam call - left no message

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