Report for 1-8435279063 - 2020-02-14 843
Same here. A robot call and a text to speak with a representative.

Report for 1-8435120008 - 2020-02-11 843
Got this call. I did not pick up but it woke me up at 8am! I did not answer but now I can block it.

Report for 1-8432117977 - 2020-02-08 843
I too just received the same call. I have great credit to be able to pay the loans. It was a recording. My call came from a 312 number, while the other number said to call 877 area code. SCAM

Report for 1-8432943973 - 2020-02-04 843
Got call from this number at 9:54am, left no message.

Report for 1-8435265463 - 2020-02-01 843
they have kept calling me saying that they were going to charge me $5000.00. and that I had to pay $200.00 . When I told them to stop calling me they said no we will call you every day and keep harrassing you. They also said is going to show up to my house on Monday morning to serve papers. They know that I do not own. A company that is being sued right now that has been hired by another company. They knew all of my information such as my social security number and name. How do you get them to leave you alone when they are doing this to you.

Report for 1-8432364251 - 2020-01-28 843
Same here, I did not answer, but they left one message on voicemail. The message basically said it was my final notice and I need to call them back within 24 hours to avoid action.

Report for 1-8432314775 - 2020-01-28 843
No message left.

Report for 1-8432586304 - 2020-01-26 843
I've gotten three calls this week from 866-219-1312. Caller ID shows "unavailable". My cell carrier identified it as I decided to answer it this morning (Sunday). A recorded male voice answered saying "you were selected by the Government to received a grant in the amount of $9,000. All you have to do is call this number back...blah blah blah". Of course, I ignored it and googled the number. Then I come to this site. It seems that this number is also being used by scammers!

Report for 1-8432934460 - 2020-01-24 843
I just received the same call from a computerized sounding woman named Katherine Walker from a conference call I just convened with IRS. If I want to keep it open an pay an outstanding amount or stay on the line to be taken off of the conference call I should push "1". I've done nothing

Report for 1-8435175286 - 2020-01-24 843
Called but I didn't answer. No message.

Report for 1-8435704009 - 2020-01-22 843
Get calls from this number, I never answer and they never leave a message. If this is a debt collector they are wasting their time, since I have no unpaid, overdue debts. They must have a lot of money to waste because they still call.

Report for 1-8431111111 - 2020-01-19 843
Got a call from this number today and they left a message saying that they were calling from the "Washington Claims Court" & wanted to verify my address to serve me with papers & that I should call the phone number back so they can send a courier out to my home & if I did so they would "welcome me back to my home with open arms." I deleted the message. I don't know any more about this court and, judging by other stories on this board, I would say "SPAM" if "Mullins" is the correct name and there were complaints about this number being phished.

Report for 1-8432927284 - 2020-01-08 843
Please make it stop this number calls me all the time and when I answer, nobody responds or they hang up on me. I am not happy with this number calling me and it is harrassement. It is really starting to piss me off!

Report for 1-8432423087 - 2020-01-02 843
Same thing....

Report for 1-8432274284 - 2020-01-01 843
Credit card scam...

Report for 1-8432381964 - 2019-12-29 843
Same thing here

Report for 1-8432586304 - 2019-12-24 843
Called my cell at 11:53AM, no message. Blocked!

Report for 1-8432381964 - 2019-12-20 843
A robocall from Un-named health insurance provider that will sign you up with this year's plans - press 1 to be connected to a specialist, press 7 to opt out - this happened at 11 pm on a night when children were being locked up and kids woke us up.

Report for 1-8432939965 - 2019-12-16 843
Scam! These ppl think they have a case and you need your lawyer. Never have and never will. Call blocker is your best bet :)

Report for 1-8436202594 - 2019-12-05 843
This is a legit number. I called back and it was about my social security application. Call that number back if you are still having problems.

Report for 1-8432771177 - 2019-11-23 843
I received a call from this number at 4:08 today. I ignored it, and they left a voicemail message that was a lot of background noise; it was probably some call center.

Report for 1-8432786200 - 2019-11-20 843
They just called me a few times. Very annoying. I have to go get up at 3 in the morning and then the phone rings and the call is at 10-1:30 in the evening. So much for being on the do not call list.

Report for 1-8435214884 - 2019-11-16 843
I kept getting the calls, and it stopped for a couple minutes. Now they are calling me twice a day. No messages.

Report for 1-8435120008 - 2019-11-08 843
Calls, no message. Blocked the number

Report for 1-8432934460 - 2019-10-29 843
Called at 7:19 am and left a voice mail

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