Report for 1-8432365709 - 2017-08-27 843
call came in just before 5:45 p.m. on my home phone. Caller ID says "Los Angeles CA" and I don't recognize the number and blocked it.The Caller ID said "Cancer Council". No message left. Another website lists this number as coming from Malibu, California.

Report for 1-8435299623 - 2017-08-24 843
Received a call from 914-339-5140. I answered, they asked for my husband by name. I told them he was unavailable, then they asked for me by name. Then they proceeded to tell me that it was concerning the federal case number that he was listed in. I asked what the name of the company was. They

Report for 1-8436263831 - 2017-08-19 843
Caller was asking for someone else. I told them not at this number and hung up on them. I called back and it was a recording and asked to press 2 to be removed from list.

Report for 1-8432274284 - 2017-08-13 843
I received the same text message as the person above.

Report for 1-8432771177 - 2017-08-12 843
Received two calls in an hour telling me they needed to verify they had enough information to start the claim and call back later. Called number back, got

Report for 1-8435189999 - 2017-08-10 843
Please remove my name from your dialing system.

Report for 1-8435265463 - 2017-08-07 843
Calling to report to government agency because of IRS tax fraud. Total scam

Report for 1-8432149904 - 2017-08-04 843
It was a robot named Jessica. They want to give you all this free money. Yeah, right.

Report for 1-8435546708 - 2017-08-03 843
Spam. Don't pick up

Report for 1-8432749154 - 2017-08-02 843
Called and didn't leave message. Likely scam caller

Report for 1-8436202594 - 2017-08-02 843
Called left no message.

Report for 1-8435279063 - 2017-07-30 843
Received robo VM from this number saying my SS check has been suspended due to suspicious activity. SCAM.

Report for 1-8435120008 - 2017-07-27 843
Called, I didn't pick-up. They immediately called back and had a guy talking in Spanish with a very loud background noise. I hung up on him. I have an up-to-date list of all these people who use various numbers and no message. I will not answer anymore unless I recognize the number.

Report for 1-8435546708 - 2017-07-06 843
This number keeps calling my son's cell phone and leaving messages saying they are looking for me - he does not live with me, and does not know who he is involved with and the company's name is never mentioned. I don't know him personally, and I pay the bill and don't know how they got their number. I have blocked this number on his phone. So they have called my other son's cell and called my husband's cell and left voicemails.

Report for 1-8431111111 - 2017-07-05 843
called cell phone and left no message

Report for 1-8432365709 - 2017-06-22 843
These calls need to Stop!

Report for 1-8432452765 - 2017-06-21 843
The call I recieved was very detailed, telling me that they would be coming to my address to prepare papers for me on Thursday, and that I should make myself available and make one final effort to appear via video upon their arrival. He gave me a case number and gave me the name of his "boss" Brian, who of course I haven't seen in over a year. That was it, nothing more than what you would expect from a debt collector. I would say at this point this is a phishing scheme, as there is no law firm or a real case in the country, and there is no need for them to ever show up at your home to do paperwork or to attempt to find out your whereabouts. When I called back today and told them this I just got a vm. I don't believe they have called me before because I would hope as someone who has not been served before that they would know at least a small bit of basic courtesy in the things that they are legally required to tell you in regards to being served with the court papers.

Report for 1-8432749154 - 2017-06-18 843

Report for 1-8431111111 - 2017-06-03 843
I have no idea who these people are, I have no idea who lives in that community.I have this number "locked" for 6-12 months.It calls constantly, leaves no messages, and I am blocking them on my phone!!

Report for 1-8432364251 - 2017-05-28 843
Calls about three times a day, leaves no message. Anon is right, this should be against the law for companies to be doing this. It should be against the law for the government to tax companies for doing nothing.

Report for 1-8436336307 - 2017-05-21 843
I got the same message as everyone else.

Report for 1-8432934460 - 2017-05-16 843
Same as all the other postings here. Looks like a new scam number.

Report for 1-8436263831 - 2017-05-13 843
What is going on with this call

Report for 1-8435331125 - 2017-05-11 843
called a number of times, never leave a message.

Report for 1-8435279063 - 2017-05-08 843
Got a call on Friday. Message said the IRS was preparing to file suit against me. That I should call immediately. I did. A foreign man answered the phone and then hung up. I suspect he was fishing for personal information.

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