Report for 1-8316592276 - 2018-04-22 831
Have called me 4 times this morning so far, they've called every half hour to 1 hour. They don't leave a voicemail just keep saying hello hello

Report for 1-8312914265 - 2018-04-15 831
Got voice mail that my car warranty would be expired if I didn't call them back to renew! Not a chance, we own our car. They have called many times and I just ignore.

Report for 1-8312930080 - 2018-04-13 831
Called at 9:15 today and again @ 2:32. Left no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-8312133181 - 2018-04-08 831
They had the nerve to call at 1:45 CST and leave a message that their is a court complaint. Called back and they said a fake company name and I said "So? You are calling me and said a fake company." they hung up on me.

Report for 1-8312600030 - 2018-04-04 831
I called back to let my wife know about the company calling. She was not interested in the company calling her, and asked for a billing address. The representative said "that is none of your concern," and hung up.

Report for 1-8313183192 - 2018-03-30 831
So are you a fan of the X-Files??? If so, I would certainly do a whole book on him. The book would be hilarious because he has nothing to do with the series but I am a big fan and like to name callers I need to find and name so I can go out to a family member, friend, neighbor or anyone else I find on the internet and call them back and keep doing it like they do to us. Just something that I have been thinking about and may do next time.

Report for 1-8313183192 - 2018-03-29 831
Called to get my bank information. I hung up right away

Report for 1-8316193910 - 2018-03-24 831
This is the second call I've gotten from this number in two weeks. The first time, it was for a debt my ex-husband hadn't paid. Since he died in 2011, we are in the clear. I told the guy that he is not responsible for the debt, and that I will find out who this debt is from his estate. He told me that he would let them know when a representative comes to collect the money. I told him I want the information in writing, he said, "If it doesn't get mail sent out, then it goes to probate." I am not sure if this is a scam or not, but I'm getting really tired of the spam calls. I even said to the caller that I am not responsible. They are getting to be really annoying.

Report for 1-8312512650 - 2018-03-17 831
They keep calling - I have no debt, no student loans, etc. Just called me 3 times yesterday. Leave no message - I don't need debt, I pay cash for everything---no credit cards.

Report for 1-8312013201 - 2018-03-15 831
I called the number back and got the message all operators are busy

Report for 1-8312241324 - 2018-03-09 831
Call no message blocked call.

Report for 1-8312785701 - 2018-03-07 831
Called my cell. No message left.

Report for 1-8314135854 - 2018-03-04 831
Scam, left message but didn't mention who she was with. Blocked the number

Report for 1-8312914265 - 2018-03-01 831
Called today. No message left.

Report for 1-8312738612 - 2018-02-28 831
1. The DNC list was NOT designed to assist law-abiding businesses, only the scrupulous telemarketing industry. I would guess the purpose of the DNC was designed to keep us from the scammers, but that may be mistaken.2. Scammers and spammers ignore it. Many already have the phone lines they need, that's why they have an answering machine (and if it calls from a line not in service, they have to leave a message), or a prompt prompts them to leave you a message.

Report for 1-8314135854 - 2018-02-19 831
Caller ID is "Unknown Name". Voicemail message doesn't identify themselves, and I don't owe anyone money so I know these are likely scammers. I have

Report for 1-8314154378 - 2018-02-14 831
I called it back, its a survey for a free trip for answering the questions. If you choose not to complete the survey, they will simply keep calling to offer you a free trip

Report for 1-8315312976 - 2018-02-11 831
Keeps calling from different numbers

Report for 1-8312149034 - 2018-02-10 831
I don't know who this is....but they need to quit calling my cell.

Report for 1-8314619114 - 2018-02-04 831
Said they were from the IRS

Report for 1-8316592276 - 2018-02-03 831
It called my business phone. I get calls all the time from unknown people. Some of them are pretty funny. This one wasn't any of them. I asked him if he had asthma and he hung up.

Report for 1-8316257762 - 2018-02-03 831
The call is a scam! Careers says that all they get is "no call" requests; therefore, this number may be spoofed but they are looking to see if a person calls back. I have never heard a recording that gives a callback number. I did call this number back from an unknown line and got a msg saying the person I was trying to reach was on the other line; so I went on line to look up the name associated with that phone number.

Report for 1-8312914265 - 2018-02-02 831
Just called. Caller left no message.

Report for 1-8312133181 - 2018-02-01 831
Just got a call as well from this number. Caller ID showed "unavailable". I didn't answer. Left a message saying that "this is a very important phone call and this is not a sales call" and asked to return the call at their toll free 877-955-6569 number.

Report for 1-8313062854 - 2018-01-24 831
Called my cell at 10:24 am today, left no message. I've been applying for jobs online, so it might be related to that. I'll see if the call works, if not, I'm switching to AT&T. My free 30 day trial expires today, but I figure since they were willing to give me the service, I'll probably give my info to other companies. I'll keep an eye out for any emails related to this.

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