Report for 1-8122256152 - 2019-11-12 812
I'm sorry but is Yahoo calling you as it is they are trying to get you to buy some services with your credit card

Report for 1-8127147926 - 2019-11-10 812
Just got a call on my cell from this number. Don't have anything in collections, so I just let it ring and didn't call back. I've been getting a bunch of these bogus debt collector calls from the 214 area code lately. I'm in Central Texas, so it obviously isn't random from anywhere, or they'd quit calling. Seems like the best bet is to block this number.

Report for 1-8125766094 - 2019-11-07 812
Keep getting these calls and I'm on do not call list.

Report for 1-8125110309 - 2019-11-01 812
Just now got a call from them...a message if I want the number to be removed can be found at my old (old) work number. I just called them back and it says press 1 to be added to the do not call list. It takes 30 days for it to be removed on my phone, thankfully!

Report for 1-8123802484 - 2019-10-29 812
I have just received a phone call from someone at "ROBERT GARBIL" at the same telephone number who wants to know the whereabouts of a woman named "DEWIE DAVIS" ( I have no idea what "DEWIE" is). He has indicated that he is from "THE JUNIPER GROUP" and that a "RESORT SUITE" listing has "taken" her [sic] to court. I informed him that I do not have any knowledge of this "woman" and have not taken her on any rides or vacations to any other places. Please do not call my number ever again and I will be reporting him to any and all authorities you deem necessary for further complaints.

Report for 1-8126420842 - 2019-10-28 812
Same as everyone else

Report for 1-8123368716 - 2019-10-27 812
This call is a scam! I have blocked this number already three

Report for 1-8123215397 - 2019-10-26 812
These people got me so far I thought a little more research might have been in order. I sent these people money because I saw this was a scam, then got a call from the same people. I tried calling back, they said it was a recorded line, so I hung up. I called again and the number was no longer in service. I have looked up the business information on the internet, and this company has multiple websites. The business in question is in Oklahoma, and when you search by town, the town is also attached to another business in South Dallas. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office and they have told me to ignore these calls and to do whatever I need to do to get the money back. I would like to find this person I am sure they would not like. I did give them my bank information I used a card they said I needed to use it with, but I have not use my bank card with a company I no longer do business with. I am trying to help someone else get the money back but so far they are not interested in getting their money back.

Report for 1-8123893699 - 2019-10-25 812
Have gotten several calls in the last few days. Total scam. The IRS will send letters or mail you if there is an issue.

Report for 1-8124453232 - 2019-10-24 812
This number is calling me repeatedly, when I pick up the call no one answers

Report for 1-8129642770 - 2019-10-24 812
This number calls

Report for 1-8127537238 - 2019-10-20 812
Called said they had a complaint against me on behalf of B&A, a bank I never heard of, Then the guy asked if I was ________, he was told no, and hung up

Report for 1-8125138411 - 2019-10-19 812
they are trying

Report for 1-8129479468 - 2019-10-19 812
I received a message saying that the IRS would be forced to take action against me and that I would be arrested if I didn't call.

Report for 1-8125251989 - 2019-10-19 812
Calls every day from 10am to 10:45pm.

Report for 1-8122745335 - 2019-10-18 812
They keep calling and hanging up. I tried to call them back and just got voicemail at the other end of the number. I will be blocking the number.

Report for 1-8122527508 - 2019-10-18 812
Just called me, said my social security is compromised and press 1 to speak to a representative. Well I hung up. What a scam!

Report for 1-8129925398 - 2019-10-18 812
Called 4 times today, left the same voicemail.

Report for 1-8123350998 - 2019-10-14 812
Got the same call from them asking for sponsor and asked what kind of car I want to donate.

Report for 1-8122320147 - 2019-10-12 812
Scammer. Calls from a variety of numbers. Fake law office. Block all.

Report for 1-8127407195 - 2019-10-10 812
same exact thing in my text. I would like to know who he is so I can call him and have him call me too.

Report for 1-8123048010 - 2019-10-07 812
Called me on my cell and my cell and my work, left no voicemail.

Report for 1-8123310000 - 2019-10-05 812
Called my cell, left no message.

Report for 1-8123320708 - 2019-09-30 812
Called me, didn't leave message.

Report for 1-8126776044 - 2019-09-29 812
I received one call today from them from number 702 408-1616, they would not tell me what was about. they asked for my name to verify. They told me i owed money on a loan i applied for online. When i refused to give them my name they hung up on me.

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