Report for 1-8125138411 - 2020-06-10 812
I just got same call and message at my moms house. I don't even have her home number.

Report for 1-8124306066 - 2020-06-08 812
Ive received several calls from this number.. The guy said he was from the irs.. Then when I told him I was gonna call FBI he got nasty and he hung up.. Scam!

Report for 1-8123220404 - 2020-06-05 812
They called me but never left any voice-mail...I did notice that this number had called a relative 3 times this morning, however, that number has been moved up to my phone for now.

Report for 1-8122745335 - 2020-06-02 812
If you call them back they will ask "How do you want to get in touch with us?" I asked them "how do you get me in touch with?" they said oh um uh it's personal and I would need to look into it. then he started to ask me to repeat myself and I kept repeating myself and he hung up on me. I called my mom first, she called them saying they have to be scammers I guess.

Report for 1-8127401755 - 2020-05-28 812
The number was 810-912-1047. Caller ID was UNAVAILABLE. Robocall left same message as reported about credit card scam.

Report for 1-8129623649 - 2020-05-26 812
Just received this voicemail. Just ignored it and deleted it.

Report for 1-8123157408 - 2020-05-21 812
Same, no message

Report for 1-8129124100 - 2020-05-21 812
I just got the same one. I'm glad I looked this up. I have student loans but since the lady on the message never identified where she was calling from or what kind of loan she was referencing, I knew it was BS. She could have said that the message was pertaining to my loans or a loan I have.

Report for 1-8127407195 - 2020-05-21 812
Same as above comments except the caller called themself "James". It's a scam.

Report for 1-8127865925 - 2020-05-21 812
Calling for an ex employee who doesn't work here and I've never heard of. They call several times a day and the only info I can find online for them is that they are calling on behalf of Capital Associates. When I tell them that they must have received my number from my HR department because she is no longer an employee of the company. They said that they weren't calling for an employee. I don't know what to do, they have called several times every day.

Report for 1-8127865925 - 2020-05-19 812
Called and hung up. I called back and got a voice-mail that said my call could not be connected until a live person arrived.

Report for 1-8122256152 - 2020-05-15 812
Caller claimed to be IRS Agent, they have issued an arrest warrant to arrest me and have all my personal information....Please help, what can I do to protect myself.Please

Report for 1-8127407195 - 2020-05-11 812
Got it too.

Report for 1-8122307762 - 2020-05-10 812
They called me but my phone blocked it right away. I wish I could block this

Report for 1-8122745335 - 2020-05-08 812
Same. Called cell at 10:52 am. No message. Blocked now.

Report for 1-8127150094 - 2020-05-07 812
calls multiple times per day, never leaves a message

Report for 1-8123254949 - 2020-04-30 812
I got the same call as the others.

Report for 1-8123155155 - 2020-04-30 812
We receive several calls daily on our landline from 877-229-8530. It's a recorded message that we need to pay our bills. It tells us to choose one and then they say if we don't call them, there will be an impact on our credit rating and it's very important we call within 48 hours. I have spoken with them and asked them to remove our number. They say there's no way to remove our number without the caller's name. How am I supposed to report this when there's no name on who's calling.

Report for 1-8124496476 - 2020-04-30 812
A person was asking for two different people at once. Then asked me if I was available to receive legal documents. Then hung up - I didn't answer because there was nothing else better to do!

Report for 1-8129465611 - 2020-04-30 812
I received a call today stating, same thing i went through this last year and they have all my info. And she said i have two hours to call the above mentioned numbers or papers will be filed. I haven't done anything about this. <

Report for 1-8127147926 - 2020-04-29 812
Have call twice, no voicemail either time...

Report for 1-8123319462 - 2020-04-29 812
Missed call - no message left

Report for 1-8122515016 - 2020-04-26 812
1:08 PM. Caller ID listed "UBC". Have now blocked all calls from area code 206. I was surprised by how many callers with "UBC" in the Caller ID. This is only one of many different variations of "UBC" that call me. These guys are using multiple spoofed fake numbers in addition to machine-generated VOIP calls.

Report for 1-8123215701 - 2020-04-25 812
I got this call. First thing I did was check the White Pages, and it shows this is not a known number, with so many stories and numbers being spoof

Report for 1-8127642614 - 2020-04-25 812
I receive calls from this number and it is a recording saying "Please stay on the line for the next available representative." I did the same with a couple other calls from the number and nothing ever happens after for a few days.

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