Report for 1-8125762562 - 2018-04-16 812
My wife has received numerous calls from this #-they dont leave an e-mail and no one ever answers, this is spam and my cell is on the no-call list.

Report for 1-8129495700 - 2018-04-13 812
The robocaller tried calling me again, today. I was expecting a call from a "customer service rep", so the call went to voicemail almost immediately. No message was left. I just blocked the number. Blocked!

Report for 1-8122256064 - 2018-04-10 812
Got this call again - what happened to the DO NOT CALL list

Report for 1-8123343610 - 2018-04-09 812
They keep calling and leaving messages on voice mail. So I googled the number and it leads me to this site and the people I've been hearing about it.

Report for 1-8122256064 - 2018-04-07 812
I am having same problem with a text message from this number telling me to visit their website to claim 4000$ I am not going to visit it. When asking questions they hang up the phone

Report for 1-8124606034 - 2018-04-07 812
Got four phone calls from this number over the last three days, no messages. I don't know what type of operation it is, but I don't think it would be so important to call just twice. How do I get them to stop?

Report for 1-8123220673 - 2018-04-05 812
Yes you should report them to the BBB as well as the FTC, CFB & AG Office's... your state AG. Also register on the state do not call registry..

Report for 1-8123215397 - 2018-04-04 812
This number just keeps calling me and don't leave a message!

Report for 1-8125508298 - 2018-04-04 812
This is the Social Security Administration.I called the number back. No person picked up. It sounded like the guy was in a dingy. Just an idiot trying to scare people.

Report for 1-8123350998 - 2018-03-30 812
They keep calling me and calling my dad and sister saying they want me to call them back with their address of the debtor I supposedly owe and to give them my address so they can deliver me paperwork, but I live in another state & its a NY area code. How do I make them stop calling me and my family?

Report for 1-8123280008 - 2018-03-29 812
Rec'd same message. Did not press 1 as suggested.

Report for 1-8123215397 - 2018-03-29 812
I got a scam phone call from this number. They left a message saying they were calling from Legal Support of US (which doesn't sound legit to me). Also told me that there is a pending lawsuit against me and I needed to call the 1-845-201-8010 number. No info available online and they can barely be understood.

Report for 1-8123875633 - 2018-03-28 812
i got the same call from them and i also get the same call on my cell with the same message every 30 min. They always call at night

Report for 1-8124487295 - 2018-03-28 812
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-8123482085 - 2018-03-26 812
Received call from this number and answered on 3rd ring - no response. I had a missed call from this number 4 minutes ago as well.

Report for 1-8123255932 - 2018-03-26 812
This idiot called me at work. I told him he needed to stop calling my job. He said that all he could do was hang up on me. I told him to get a real job and he said that wasn't why someone started an investigation on me. I told him I had never been to Chicago IL. I told him he needed to take my number off his calling listing and he started yelling at me and told me to stop harassing him. I repeated that this line was closed and I would be reporting this to the police

Report for 1-8129701365 - 2018-03-25 812
Fake tax fraud suit

Report for 1-8122740602 - 2018-03-24 812
I got a voice mail and a call from them saying they

Report for 1-8124453232 - 2018-03-22 812
Got a phone call from this number. No voicemail. I do not know anyone from Atlanta so did not answer.

Report for 1-8124905779 - 2018-03-22 812
They say that I owe them money and have said they are looking for me but refuse to give me the information of the debt

Report for 1-8125762562 - 2018-03-16 812
They will be reported to police and state Attorney General as well as phone company and FBI....

Report for 1-8123802484 - 2018-03-11 812
This number called. I answered and could hear breathing and then silence. I hung up and blocked the number.

Report for 1-8124483565 - 2018-03-11 812
Called my cell 4 times this morning. I never answer calls that don't know me, so I don't know the name of the company they are calling from. I'm blocking them.

Report for 1-8125766094 - 2018-03-08 812
Called again today at 1352 hours - so far it's been one day and I've received at least three scam calls today. Had more calls from other numbers this year, including two just today. My blocker is full.....I can't spare the space to block them all!

Report for 1-8123119206 - 2018-03-08 812
Called and left no message. Blocked it.

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