Report for 1-8127406433 - 2018-07-20 812
No message. Scam scam, just hang up on them.

Report for 1-8127562750 - 2018-07-20 812
They called and said they will be at my job today between 2 and 4 p.m. and to have one of my witnesses there and to have either me or my attorney on the phone. I asked where they were from and they would not say. I told it was a scam and hung up.

Report for 1-8127104253 - 2018-07-17 812
Calls all the time. Today, I spoke with a representative.

Report for 1-8122256064 - 2018-07-16 812
No one there, blocked

Report for 1-8124483565 - 2018-07-14 812
Got a call from this number and they left a message threatening me saying it was a 2nd attempt and that if I did not call immediately that I would be in serious trouble and good luck. When I called back it was a foreign speaking fellow and I could not understand him at first. He asked for my attorney's information and I said I dont know who I am talking to and he was very rude so I hung up. Today I recieved a call at work from the same number and did not answer it and listened to my voicemail. He said the same to me and stated my name etc. I am so sick of these people.

Report for 1-8123280008 - 2018-07-12 812
Same as what CJ wrote, received voicemail left on my cell. Obviously a scam.

Report for 1-8125766094 - 2018-07-11 812
Received call from these people, called them back on a blocked line. They were a recording asking about credit cards. The recorded message said something about press 1 to be removed from list. No other way to identify who this company is. <

Report for 1-8124905779 - 2018-07-10 812
They also have a site and will use all sorts of aliases to hide their calls. I had one bogus account and it was this phony "Chandler" who was really the caller that actually had it out for the website design. I had someone else go to site and verify it was not their account and found what I suspected it was. Criminals! Just ignore them, block their calls, and report them to the better business bureau. Then block their websites and use alternate ways to get info. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report for 1-8127406433 - 2018-07-08 812
You may know you can record any conversation they have with you. Call your local police and ask if they can prosecute them. If they call you and you do not know them, or have no idea who they are calling, it is a scam. The only way to actually find out is to do your homework. Never ever send money to someone you don't know. Also never ever pay money to someone you did not receive paperwork on. You have every right to demand validation of debt. They do not have to provide it. Always ask and never give money until you validate it. My son and I recently worked on a real estate account. I called all the realty companies that we were negotiating with and the only thing the agents could offer

Report for 1-8125281682 - 2018-07-05 812
same as the others - scam SS fraud call. They called on my work line. How they got it though is beyond me

Report for 1-8125281682 - 2018-07-05 812
How did you report this to the FTC? The number seems to be a cell phone number and it is registered with the FTC.

Report for 1-8124606034 - 2018-07-04 812
Answered call and when I asked who it was she went silent.

Report for 1-8122527508 - 2018-07-04 812
If you get a phone call from this number or anyone with the same last name, just call them back and tell them it is not you. Don't say who the message is for, they can just put you on their do not call list. I just did that 3 months ago and haven't gotten any more phone calls from them.

Report for 1-8124453232 - 2018-07-04 812
same records, no papers. scammers

Report for 1-8122740602 - 2018-07-02 812
I received a call from this number and as I would expect a call from a scammer/extortionist, I did not answer and no message was left on the recorder. There was no other info available except that the caller was from New York.

Report for 1-8125965812 - 2018-07-02 812
Called, left no message.

Report for 1-8127537238 - 2018-06-30 812
called at 8:30 in the morning and have blocked it

Report for 1-8126077787 - 2018-06-28 812
came up as Scam Likely on caller ID

Report for 1-8129463686 - 2018-06-26 812
They didn't leave a voicemail. But the phone number is a spoof, from an online pharmacy and was the same as the call that was so unprofessional and threatening on my voicemail: This happens every day. It got to the point that I wouldn't answer my phone any more. The one time that I did answer, the guy was pretty good; but he said it didn't matter. I told him that they had his name and my address. He said, no, he has my phone number and if someone calls me at my number and asks for me, I better answer.

Report for 1-8127104253 - 2018-06-25 812
i got a call from this number too, i didn't answer it they did not leave a voice message, who in the world are these people!?? <

Report for 1-8129479468 - 2018-06-25 812
The called me today

Report for 1-8123343610 - 2018-06-24 812
Called me twice, on home and cell. I don't answer unrecognized numbers. No message.

Report for 1-8123368716 - 2018-06-24 812
Calls several times a day and hangs up when I answer.

Report for 1-8124492755 - 2018-06-22 812
"Call this number to speak to a debt collector" Yeah right. These people do not know how to use proper grammar. If you say that they don't know how to do their job, they hang up.

Report for 1-8125283569 - 2018-06-11 812
called no message.

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