Report for 1-7023318373 - 2019-03-03 702
Another spoofed apple support robocall

Report for 1-7027432367 - 2019-02-22 702
Called them back and got a message saying the number I was trying to reach was not valid

Report for 1-7022242393 - 2019-02-09 702
Keep receiving calls about some legal action being taken against me

Report for 1-7027346267 - 2019-02-07 702
Called this morning, when I answered the same old "hello" with no sound, then "hello, I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you clearly...." I hung up

Report for 1-7027346267 - 2019-01-05 702
I have gotten 6 phone calls from this number saying they have a legal complaint against me and I owe them money and that I will be arrested

Report for 1-7028095613 - 2018-12-21 702
No message. Spammer.

Report for 1-7023318373 - 2018-11-21 702
Called left no message.

Report for 1-7022242393 - 2018-09-27 702
A new one, didn't answer, no message, blocked.

Report for 1-7029530759 - 2018-09-25 702
I also recieved 2 calls from this number today - 3:15pm and 3:25pm - no message left either time!I have had the same issue: it's been two weeks now and I have yet to answer the's really irritating.

Report for 1-7022242393 - 2018-09-21 702
Unknown number, left no message. Don't know anybody from that area.

Report for 1-7029397915 - 2018-09-08 702
I don't want these people to call me anymore.

Report for 1-7029397915 - 2018-09-02 702
No message left but this time called on a Saturday afternoon.

Report for 1-7028379996 - 2018-08-21 702
This man by the name of John Williams keeps calling me to tell me I qualify for a grant from the Government to be used for a business which I have and he wants me to go and buy $200 or $300 iTunes gift card and then he will tell me where to get it. I think this is a scam please be aware.

Report for 1-7025201167 - 2018-08-03 702
Got a call a few minutes ago..I answered just to see who would pick up on a call I rarely ever do. But there was no voice nor any recording, just a blank air time. I tried calling them 5 times and got a fast busy signal. Tried 6th time and it said line busy then went dead.

Report for 1-7024105856 - 2018-08-02 702
I don't know who this is but they call and when I pick up no one is on the other line.

Report for 1-7028095613 - 2018-07-26 702
rang twice, they hung up before I could pick up the phone

Report for 1-7028095613 - 2018-07-14 702
Scammer - blocked

Report for 1-7027169373 - 2018-07-12 702
Message left on my voice mail stating I would be arrested at my home or place of employment due to a pending legal matter. Left an 877-219-3323 number to call back. Message continued. I just deleted message and blocked the number.

Report for 1-7027169373 - 2018-07-04 702
It was my husband and he is a marine. I answered and he was trying to buy Christmas presents. I did not give him the number but called back and got a recording.

Report for 1-7024105856 - 2018-06-20 702
These fools keep calling and making comments on this website about my name - not my name if it's so important...I am now thinking they are scammers....If u can't leave a message and call back, you aren't worth my time, I have no idea who you are but what you are offering IS. I have no clue what this is about but the first time they called my cell phone (the most I've ever used it, is two times a day), I knew the number and it was a guy that was not need to call and see what he's really up too. Maybe if the guy that called me could be even a bit nicer and say it?

Report for 1-7027169373 - 2018-06-04 702
I don't believe this is a "real" business! They called twice at 5:54 a.m. and 6:18 a.m. and hung up.

Report for 1-7029397915 - 2018-05-04 702
I received a call from this number also. They claimed I had taken out a pay day loan from "Fast Cash" in 2007. She refused to send me any paperwork until I paid for it. I asked if there was a letter to my email to show proof of said loan. She would not fax it to me. I told her I wouldn't just give her my personal info until everything she had to say was in writing and I could look over it for my attorney. She told me that she would have my attorney contact her. When I started to ask more questions she hung up on me.

Report for 1-7027432367 - 2018-05-01 702
I too have received calls from this number. I do not answer and no message is left. What was it about? I will block it and be on the lookout for another call from them.

Report for 1-7023318373 - 2018-04-16 702
Called my cell and left no message.

Report for 1-7025201167 - 2018-04-09 702
Received a call on April 7th from this number. I did not answer the phone. I have all calls block except for those that call for personal friends/family.

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