Report for 1-6103512369 - 2019-09-21 610
Called at 4:18PM today, left no message. I just ignore call

Report for 1-6102955712 - 2019-09-20 610
Just got a voice mail from this number. Something about charging my visa card $300 to take $299. I called back and he asked for my card information to see how much it would cost to take it. I thought that was funny, so I hung up. After a couple mins I got a voicemail asking to call back the same day.

Report for 1-6106150121 - 2019-09-20 610
I missed the call but got a voicemail saying I'd won a 3 day cruise, then another call and they asked if i had a credit card. I kept pressing number 2 to be removed from the list because i wanted to call them up to tell them i wasn't interested. Then i asked to speak to the manager and "he said he needed to talk to the manager." I asked to speak to his manager, he said that he was the manager and i said, "this isn't a customer. I asked to speak to his manager and he said

Report for 1-6103512369 - 2019-09-16 610
Scam, left no

Report for 1-6103950130 - 2019-08-30 610
Keep getting calls from this number but they don't leave a voicemail

Report for 1-6103950130 - 2019-08-09 610
I answered this call by accident. A lady that speak with a very intense Indian accent. She gave a lot out about my Medicare plans. She was very unprofessional but I decided to do some research and to find out how authentic this call was. Thank you!

Report for 1-6108440378 - 2019-08-09 610
Got a call from John Smith at this number with a very bad accent and it went to voicemail and he said he was with the Dept of Tax Audit and if i didn't call back that same day a warrant would be issued. Total Scam.

Report for 1-6106926600 - 2019-08-07 610
This number call me to a place to to renew my service.

Report for 1-6106280280 - 2019-07-19 610
Caller stated they had been in an accident in Texas and needed $3,000 from me to get out of the hospital in Texas.

Report for 1-6103981151 - 2019-07-11 610
A "junk" phone call

Report for 1-6106926600 - 2019-07-06 610
Call all day everyday no message. Please stop calling me!!

Report for 1-6108440378 - 2019-07-03 610
I got a call at 6:25 AM (middle of the night) from this number! How annoying and sick is that?

Report for 1-6104956500 - 2019-06-04 610
Called left message to call this number for unsecured credit debt (I had taken out 1.0 for student loans a couple of years ago)

Report for 1-6108253737 - 2019-05-27 610
Called my work in a business phone and did not leave voicemail. I will block the number.

Report for 1-6103514322 - 2019-05-18 610
Same, and called my work, threatened to do some serious stuff, left name as Mr. White, number on my cell was 888-234-9562. I just left it there with the call display.

Report for 1-6103512369 - 2019-05-13 610
Keeps calling, but hangs up, doesn't leave a message

Report for 1-6108440378 - 2019-05-12 610
They just did the same to me.

Report for 1-6106409174 - 2019-05-03 610
Robocall that said that my company had been chosen for a $250,000 business loan. I hung up.

Report for 1-6104956500 - 2019-04-25 610
Called about 5 hours ago. No message. My phone indicated as a telemarketer and blocked the caller

Report for 1-6103981151 - 2019-03-17 610
In a message left he said to call him back.

Report for 1-6103514322 - 2019-03-14 610
Did you get any info to see if these idiots are for real?

Report for 1-6102262300 - 2019-02-11 610
No message.

Report for 1-6105644905 - 2019-02-10 610
Scam: a recorded message says I am being sued by the IRS, and to call them. Beware as this is a new version of the old, overused "final notification" scam. Don't answer the phone, don't call them back. Block them.

Report for 1-6104956500 - 2019-02-09 610
Received a call from this number, they said it's from Wells Fargo. Said they were calling about my account. I am not late and do have some accounts that are in my name. Don't have a clue how they would get my number. I told them I was getting my check book and asked what the name of their company was. He said it's called P.A.A.

Report for 1-6109677990 - 2019-02-01 610
I called the number back and I got nothing. I called and no answer. I have been getting calls about cancer so I assumed it is my health insurance getting the calls. I have been on the national Do Not Call Registry for years now.

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