Report for 1-3149918649 - 2018-04-02 314
Same here. I was told the same thing on my voicemail.

Report for 1-3142077975 - 2018-04-01 314
i just got a call from this number too. no message left??????

Report for 1-3142607874 - 2018-03-30 314
called cell phone 3:06pm on 9/17/2015 - did not answer - did not leave a message

Report for 1-3142987615 - 2018-03-23 314
Told me my home and my place if property was being raided and to call them before they sent out documents that they had to my home and place of business

Report for 1-3146280418 - 2018-03-17 314
Got an email with this number as call back and then when I try to call back it wont even connect the line

Report for 1-3145563071 - 2018-03-09 314
Just got a call from this number. I picked up and there was just static all the time. I have to pay for the minutes that I have so I'm not sure if I want this crap or not but at least I will never have to go through this again in the future.

Report for 1-3142077975 - 2018-03-05 314
This # is calling saying its a legal matter and that a lien was filed in the county that I live in. They have said I have a judgement and if I donot pay I would be arrested. If you look up the firm and locate it it is not even a real law firm. They are saying I owe from a payday loan. I have looked up this company and they are not even affiliated with

Report for 1-3144498328 - 2018-03-04 314
Robotic voice called saying "I repeat again, this is an urgent call. We are attempting to contact you for the purposes of alerting you to the fact that you are being named as a defendant in a case that

Report for 1-3142987615 - 2018-02-26 314
they told my mother they were going to issue a warrant for her arrest if she did not pay $1,400

Report for 1-3142077690 - 2018-02-21 314
Received a call from this number on my cell phone. I answered and immediately hung up. I'm in Texas. Who ever it is, is up to no good.

Report for 1-3142077690 - 2018-02-19 314
This company has called me twice, both times looking for my late Mother-in-Law that passed away 15 years ago. They called my number on June 14th, 2010. I have asked them to stop calling, but they wont. When I call back to tell them to stop calling me, they hang up on me the second time. They have my Mother-in-Law's phone number, and she is on the 'do not call list'. Is there anyway, to get them to stop calling me? They are now calling my work and harrasing me!

Report for 1-3142078397 - 2018-02-17 314
Same here! I am blocking this caller now!

Report for 1-3147993815 - 2018-02-16 314

Report for 1-3144928695 - 2018-02-14 314
The caller, who identified themselves as Emily with Home Security Services, told me she is offering a $100 savings rebate card. I asked whether the company was local or statewide and she answered it is statewide. And then I hung up because of the question about the company.

Report for 1-3142076272 - 2018-02-05 314
Scam! I get a call 3-4x a day for the last week. Same message as everyone else. They change the number every so often to see what people will fall for. I blocked one number and yet they somehow go from one number to the next. This is getting ridiculous.

Report for 1-3146280418 - 2018-01-28 314
Some automated nonsense about a warranty that never happened. When you tell them that they hang up. But it's still annoying.

Report for 1-3149253096 - 2018-01-26 314
Some jerk called just to hang up on the answering machine.

Report for 1-3142301702 - 2018-01-23 314
Same as all others. They said I was being prosecuted on 3 allegations against me and I could avoid the matter by making

Report for 1-3143900378 - 2018-01-22 314
I have received 3 calls from this number in 3 hours. I also have received calls from 1-844-260-9111. I did report those numbers to

Report for 1-3146165267 - 2017-12-27 314
This same number called me as well. I answered because I had just spoken to someone at an earlier clinic and thought it may be them. The lady talked over me and I could hear all the other people in the call center in the background. I told her I have more important things to do than tell me a bill needs paid (which they did). She called me a few choice dirty names before hanging up.I'd really like to get ahold of these people!

Report for 1-3144498328 - 2017-12-26 314
called and left no message

Report for 1-3145563071 - 2017-12-26 314
I received the same email saying my name was part of a law enforcement office, saying I need to call 360-971-4925. I called the number and someone with a heavy Spanish accent answered and the first thing he said was why I needed to know his full name and how to spell it. I hung up.

Report for 1-3144928695 - 2017-12-25 314
I receive at least 4 calls a day from these idiots, no message, when you return call it just hangs up on you. This is ridiculous.

Report for 1-3144929033 - 2017-12-15 314
They called and left voicemail. They also called from 319-215-7694 and said the exact same thing to me. It is a scam! I have no interest in their warranty. They said to go to site and type in some stupid name to get a warranty deal.

Report for 1-3147545966 - 2017-11-30 314
Called and hung up as soon as I answered. Definitely a scam

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