Report for 1-2122823000 - 2019-05-27 212
Said they are going to take me to jail due to a pay day loan. No such thing.

Report for 1-2126186959 - 2019-05-26 212
Just got a call. They hung up after I said hello 3 times after i did answer. I called back and it just kept ringing. I will be blocking them from now on.

Report for 1-2126186959 - 2019-05-19 212
Keep getting messages from this number but a different number every time.

Report for 1-2125880887 - 2019-05-07 212
This number left a voicemail on my phone. Stated I was going to sent to court if I didn't call them back within the next 24 hrs lol. Did not state what company.

Report for 1-2124571443 - 2019-05-07 212
Called, no message

Report for 1-2127416607 - 2019-05-05 212
Received call from this number on my cell phone.Did not answer.No message.

Report for 1-2128794700 - 2019-05-04 212
left no message

Report for 1-2127584699 - 2019-05-01 212
got this call around 5:50pm. No one ever said anything.

Report for 1-2125274347 - 2019-04-29 212
Got a call 10:40 am 7/18/16. Answered, no one on line.

Report for 1-2122624444 - 2019-04-27 212
Robocall asking for my boyfriend saying he's on a recorded line.

Report for 1-2128794700 - 2019-04-25 212
I too recieved this same voicemail yesterday as well

Report for 1-2122846325 - 2019-04-15 212
SCAM (Voice Mail) "This message is from Federal

Report for 1-2126790442 - 2019-04-04 212
I got a recorded message from this number stating that it was very important to call them before any action was taken against me. If they had any reason to take legal action against me, they would definitely send written documents first.

Report for 1-2128794700 - 2019-03-29 212
Called me and left no msg, I called the number back and it was the second time receiving a call from this number.

Report for 1-2125880887 - 2019-03-28 212
I've received phone calls from this number two days in a row, the first time they left a message stating that my husband's SS number is going to be suspended. Today they just called again and the caller name is unknown. I called them back and a recorded message said the call could not go through. I was able to speak to a very rude woman who told me that they didn't make outgoing calls, just sent letters. She said because of that, my husband should probably call them back. He said he's got a better deal, they can do a one time check up. She then said why doesn't he just go to the ????? and hung up. He tried to call back but was unable to do it.

Report for 1-2129515520 - 2019-03-27 212
Received a call that was threatening. It stated my Social Security number would be suspended, and that I should call the number back

Report for 1-2125880887 - 2019-03-26 212
My wife is getting calls from this company with an automated message. I have called them 3 times and told them that she should not answer. This is getting annoying and there is no way that I am going to give any of my info to some foreign person. There is NOTHING that they can do to her. She's already told them to quit calling. This is getting ridiculous. She doesn't owe anyone but herself!!!

Report for 1-2129990439 - 2019-03-23 212
Called and no one was there when I answered.

Report for 1-2122519690 - 2019-03-22 212
No message left

Report for 1-2122629263 - 2019-03-21 212
Called my daughter looking for me, I haven't lived with my parents in years, so when I found out, I called back to inform them that that didn't pertain and the person that answer the call could not do anything without me explaining who I was. If they call again, I'm just going to hang up.

Report for 1-2127304302 - 2019-03-21 212
Robo-caller called today. I did not answer. No message.

Report for 1-2122444307 - 2019-03-17 212
called 5 times today, no message left

Report for 1-2129180050 - 2019-03-14 212
They are calling my cell but never leave a message. I haven't picked up the phone since I'm out of town.

Report for 1-2122444307 - 2019-03-12 212
Called and hung up

Report for 1-2126957757 - 2019-03-09 212
Calling from the IRS. It is a Scam. I don't owe the IRS or anybody any money but I asked that they give me their phone number because they said they have been sending letters etc. they hung up.

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