Report for 1-2126973137 - 2019-09-26 212
I received a call from this number at 9:23 a.m. on my cell. I don't give my cell number out. No message was left.

Report for 1-2127291019 - 2019-09-25 212
Just called me and never leaves a mesage

Report for 1-2129374994 - 2019-09-22 212
Got a call on cell, went to voicemail, no msg blocked

Report for 1-2126973137 - 2019-09-08 212
called cell, left no message. blocked them after reading comments here. thanks!

Report for 1-2126597948 - 2019-09-06 212
> Call Received, call Blocked. Scammers/spams

Report for 1-2128794700 - 2019-09-04 212
Yes there is, The are a total scam and I would not trust with my SSN or my bank. They just called me twice today and left message. First message said that my S.S.N. had fraudulent activity and I would be going to prison. Then they called back today and actually talked with my S.S.N. person. They even called my boss. They then proceeded to tell me I would go to prison that they would be calling my manager and that it was an emergency on my part they would be sending the authorities to my place of employment. They are a bunch of idiots and are

Report for 1-2122449456 - 2019-09-03 212
Called twice, first time, it was a blank number, but then the person on the other end asked for a family member (and told them we were their family). We just deleted the voicemail. They have called a couple of times in the past few weeks, but we don't answer.

Report for 1-2122444307 - 2019-09-01 212
Received 3 calls on my home phone today with the same message. Not sure why anyone would need to be arrested from the IRS???

Report for 1-2128794700 - 2019-08-31 212
keeps calling ,never leaves a message. we called number and goes to a message, if you want to be taken off call list

Report for 1-2129990439 - 2019-08-31 212
Got a call, said his name was Mike Jones. He was from the Sheriff Department looking for my cousin who has my number. Told him to take this matter out of his phone, my number and his. The address that this is a scam, my caller ID showed 2 different addresses. They tried to say he was going to get arrested and he was going to have to contact my cousin to pay $2000 and then he would be arrested. This is a scam. Don't fall for it!!!!!!

Report for 1-2127879781 - 2019-08-30 212
Called my cell phone number. Hung up when I answered. No message was left.

Report for 1-2122846325 - 2019-08-30 212
Just called me and i have no credit cards

Report for 1-2125274347 - 2019-08-28 212
this is what he said to me....he called my husbands cell he said that he was trying to set a restraint order on me and that me and my husband had to pay the amount of 2,000 dollars or he was going to give me some papers to sign and then he would put a lien on them for the 2,000 dollar amount so if you know the exact address just google that address and that will be the address because he has a home number that goes on cell numbers not a cell number he used is 312 300-1634

Report for 1-2122444307 - 2019-08-28 212
Called no message

Report for 1-2128767877 - 2019-08-28 212
Called no message.

Report for 1-2122292149 - 2019-08-22 212
Got a call today. Was told to call the same number and they was my application I had submitted for a $5K line of credit. The first guy was super rude to me when I told him I would have to call back later and asked him for what? Didn't give an answer. When the guy called my cell my husband said I was on the do not call list and he hung up. I said hold on he said that's fine. I repeated it's okay, you were saying it, then he said it was okay. He said he wanted to go over the terms of my loan but wouldn't say what

Report for 1-2128767877 - 2019-08-15 212
Just received this call and let go to Voicemail. They said calling in regards to my SS number using criminal activity. So to pay attention when you receive these calls tell them to go F**K themselves with no one else in your life having to hear your voice..... SCAMMERS

Report for 1-2127291019 - 2019-08-09 212
Yes, the IRS is still going to call you, with no warning. They have used so many different numbers over the years, all of which are still being used because nobody ever gives up. In reality, nobody actually talks to the people calling you. When you call them back, the number they call you from, is either disconnected, "no longer in service", or your phone has an error. You can also report these phone calls to: It is very easy to do, and usually takes about a day or two.

Report for 1-2128794700 - 2019-08-08 212
I received the same call and VM as the posters above. It was a recorded voice with the woman's voice saying that my social security would be suspended due to suspicious activity if I didn't return the call!

Report for 1-2127584699 - 2019-08-08 212
Same old [***] all day everyday!

Report for 1-2129015448 - 2019-08-02 212
It's a scam if you don't think you owe the money. There's a website called that lists some of the current payday loan companies, and it's not a scam.

Report for 1-2129990439 - 2019-08-01 212
They called me and left me a long voice mail saying that they had a legal document filed and that my phone number would be listed on the document. They called my work number too and my supervisor also. When I called them back to find out what was going on they just said they have documents to serve me with and I have to call them back before 9:pm.

Report for 1-2127584699 - 2019-07-29 212
Got a call from "Unknown" number and was also told this was a message for me, and they were looking for somebody unknown to me, and this is a message by your last name, if this is not (my first name), please contact them immediately. This (my unknown name) is also in reference to ___________( the person they were looking for). This is a message for (my last name)

Report for 1-2126790442 - 2019-07-27 212
They called me today, no message, just hangs up.

Report for 1-2122624444 - 2019-07-18 212
Ricky with a Hispanic accent... "This is a public service announcement about your current immigration status" - he doesn't wait for me- "if you want your phone number removed press the pound key" [***]... I just hung up. I didn't press the pound key since it was for [***] and it doesn't work.

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