Report for 1-2126957757 - 2018-03-28 212
Called and said they were a Medicare provider and could give me a quote. They asked for my Medicare number. I was going to ask "where's the Medicare office?" but hung up. I have no

Report for 1-2129015448 - 2018-03-28 212
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-2127584699 - 2018-03-16 212
this phone# has been calling both my landline & cellular number all day today. I never answer and there is never a message left... I dont know anyone in Chicago.

Report for 1-2122449456 - 2018-03-13 212
I have the same experience. I did not answer it and they did not leave a voicemail.

Report for 1-2120037580 - 2018-03-11 212
Called, did not leave msg

Report for 1-2124175747 - 2018-03-06 212
Called my cell phone. Didn't answer.

Report for 1-2126790442 - 2018-03-05 212
Call came in at 9:43 am, left no message.

Report for 1-2127375743 - 2018-03-05 212
Same as everyone else. I was given a phone number to call to speak with the cash advance department and I had to put in a $150 deposit for them to get the $10,000.00 cash advance money in my account. No information about any information other than a phone number to give them and a deposit fee for them to get the money deposited into my bank account.

Report for 1-2120037580 - 2018-02-22 212
They keep calling me and then hang up. It's getting very annoying. They call everyday.

Report for 1-2120037580 - 2018-02-19 212
I have received a phone call from the IRS, (202)918-9166 threatening me they had decided to go ahead and take action on my report. That there is an arrest warrant out for my arrest. I'm afraid this is someone's children or grandchildren and I am frightened!!!

Report for 1-2124306433 - 2018-02-15 212
Yes! The first call I received just before I got one from a different number and was told that my car warranty had expired on my 2007 Honda and that I needed to renew it. I told them that I was reporting both numbers and that they needed to stop calling.

Report for 1-2127416607 - 2018-02-15 212
Multiple calls during past week. Did not answer any of them. When trying to return call, no ring. A recording. I am now blocking all calls from this area code, they are starting to get annoying.

Report for 1-2125880887 - 2018-02-15 212
Called me twice a day for the last 4 days. No message left on machine! Blocking number.

Report for 1-2124175747 - 2018-02-14 212
I have call blocking software on my phone and will not see or answer this number anymore.

Report for 1-2124175747 - 2018-02-11 212
Received a text message from the above number. It said to check MySprint Account I have on Hold. Did not text back.

Report for 1-2122444307 - 2018-01-28 212
I've been called 2 times today. I am in Canada. I called back today and the number is automatically blocked!

Report for 1-2124571443 - 2018-01-26 212
I got a call from this number at 8:57 am. I never answered and they hung up.

Report for 1-2127584699 - 2018-01-22 212
same thing. said they called 5X and I must call to cancel my "account" or my services will be disconnected.

Report for 1-2126973137 - 2018-01-19 212
Called my business. Scammer

Report for 1-2124306433 - 2018-01-13 212
Called. No message. I called back and it said thank you for calling the fundraising center. They wanted to put me in a hard to reach location and they said it took 24 hours after my 3rd call - they also said they will not sell or share the number with anyone...

Report for 1-2127728436 - 2018-01-13 212
SCAM. I called back they answer with a "hello" no company name..they have a recording of a lady saying the "hello" I told them to remove my name, from the call list and they immediately hang up and don't even answer. I told they that we need to do something about them and they hang up. This company is obviously scammers because they would not give any company name & hung up on me. There is no reason for a woman to be calling me to ask me a simple question when I am at work everyday.

Report for 1-2127416607 - 2018-01-09 212
Have called numerous times. I answered today. They hung up. I called the number back. I got a machine stating their mailbox is full. If I wanted to remove my number from their call list just enter my number. I entered my number and they told me it took 24-48 hours. I also told them I have told companies before to not call me and they had to send something in writing. She then proceeded to cuss me out. I have no idea who they were other then a telemarketer and I hate that at my job. I have had my number

Report for 1-2128109260 - 2018-01-07 212
I receive at least one call a day from this number and when I pick up the phone there is just silence.

Report for 1-2120037580 - 2018-01-04 212

Report for 1-2129515520 - 2018-01-03 212
Didnt leave a message

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