Report for 1-2127375743 - 2018-06-16 212
No message

Report for 1-2122444307 - 2018-06-12 212
I got this call today and it was a recording saying it was from the IRS, and to call them back about a tax matter. I was going to call them back and ask who they were, but I did a reverse number search. This comes up as the number where a computer dials numbers.

Report for 1-2127291019 - 2018-06-08 212
Called twice within 1 minute of each other. I do not answer or call back numbers I don't recognize. This number is now blocked.

Report for 1-2122846325 - 2018-06-07 212
I have received calls 2 months ago and today (July 4)from two different people from this number. They knew my name but did not say anything about the company they were calling from. I told them they could leave me alone for the time being but they did not. I will just ignore them in the future.

Report for 1-2127291019 - 2018-06-05 212
Calls all the time no message no name

Report for 1-2127416607 - 2018-06-02 212
Call today from a number showing up as "Unavailable". Message states that I did not return a phone call, but need to call back as the claim they gave is time sensitive. The call back number left to us was 866-301-1045. I then went back to the call received and dialed and left my number. When I called the 866 number (which was already "BLOCKED") an answering message "Sorry you have called a number that is no longer in service" hung up on me. I called again and a recorded message came on, "all of our representative are busy, leave a message" so of course I left my number and just hope that they called back when they could leave a message.

Report for 1-2127728436 - 2018-06-01 212
Same scammers just tried calling AGAIN under a different number.

Report for 1-2127291019 - 2018-05-25 212
Just received the same call. My caller was a robotic female voice. The grammar was also poor but I am fairly sure it was some sort of a government scam. I was able to get the phone number and the name of the person who called me. It was apparently a foreigner and it was very hard to understand them. If they really wanted to get a hold of me they would have left a voicemail. This sounds like just another scam. I would recommend blocking the number.

Report for 1-2122012700 - 2018-05-24 212
Did not leave a message....

Report for 1-2127940570 - 2018-05-17 212
This number calls my house all the time,I've had soooo much fun. 1.1 (888) 2.0 2.6 "Hello" over and over again....sadly this didn't last long but at least its over for now. I'm sick of it...........

Report for 1-2122655335 - 2018-05-16 212
Same here. Blokked, no message.

Report for 1-2122629263 - 2018-05-15 212
Called at 7:30 PM on a Sunday evening. No one was there when I picked up. Another site identified it as a robo call. Blocking it now.

Report for 1-2125853329 - 2018-05-11 212
I just got a call from the number they left me, I didnt answer since I was home alone at the time. I also have a few other callers from same number, one was a police officer asking me if I was being violent on the phone, I wasnt sure if it was a scammer caller or not, the police officer gave me a web site where to type in the phone #, I found it here and then I read other people story, so that seems to me more of a possibility if it was a scammer, why would they call me if I was not being violent??

Report for 1-2122444307 - 2018-05-09 212
This number has called multiple days this week, multiple times a day, and never leaves a message. Caller ID only indicates "Los Angeles, CA".

Report for 1-2122655335 - 2018-05-03 212
I have gotten 2 of these calls today.

Report for 1-2127304302 - 2018-04-20 212
Phone rang - caller ID showed: "NIS NAME" - My "do not call" blocker cut the call off.

Report for 1-2128670315 - 2018-04-17 212
Called and hung up.

Report for 1-2124571443 - 2018-04-14 212
Robo call claiming to be "John Smith". He gave the same message as "call us back immediately or your attorney" stated, and also repeated "if you or your attorney do not respond by the 8th day, decision will be made without your input."This is a scam, plain and simple. They would not use a human voice to make the message and use the word "if" in the message.

Report for 1-2122292149 - 2018-04-14 212
I just got a call from the same number and have also been getting calls from the same number for the last few days...they are calling my work, which means they are not a company as that would be illegal and a violation of any kind of law...this is so annoying and I would love to have them shut down...I am getting so frustrated with these people and if anyone could make them stop please email me at know there are laws about telemarketers to protect honest businesses...which is it really...

Report for 1-2122629263 - 2018-04-13 212
They call all the time

Report for 1-2129280888 - 2018-04-10 212
Spam...they called saying my warranty expired and wanted info

Report for 1-2125274347 - 2018-04-10 212
caller id showed 866-212-9010 and the number. Did not recognize and when I called back not anyone picked up the phone. I blocked the phone number

Report for 1-2126597948 - 2018-04-06 212
My mother received a phone call today with the same message (officer Richard Ford) saying she has a tax fraud claim against her. She called me first and I told her that it's a scam, not to give them any information. She has been scammed before and do not fall for this nonsense.

Report for 1-2129180050 - 2018-04-04 212
I received a call on my cell just now. I called back (to stop the ringing) and got a recording "Please make them take you off of [my] calendar. Thank you."

Report for 1-2129280888 - 2018-03-31 212
"Financial Instutiution" called asking for the person in charge of our credit card machine and said that there were 4 complaints and charges against that person and we needed to call this number immediately. I don't have a debit credit card, so I think this a scam.

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