Report for 1-2103201413 - 2019-02-08 210
They said they had my name and social security number and that i owe the irs.

Report for 1-2103234900 - 2019-02-08 210
This company called me today and the woman said that she was "CASE #130110". I told her that I wanted the company name and address because I was going to contact the attorney general's office. She immediately hung up.

Report for 1-2103193992 - 2019-01-27 210
Scam scam scam. If you have ever applied for a cash advance for your business you've received several hundred robocalls since the beginning of the year. There's no excuse for these calls. Do not answer. Report to FTC, DoNotCall.Gov,, and your state's Attorney General. Don't let this harassment get you down or cause you to panic over someone calling you. Don't call them back, they're criminals intent on stealing your information. It's how they make their money.

Report for 1-2107143693 - 2019-01-18 210
This is a scam. They did not give the name of department, and the automated system even says to press 1 to talk to an officer.

Report for 1-2100012131 - 2019-01-18 210
Called. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message

Report for 1-2107363080 - 2019-01-17 210
Some women with some kind of boiler room operation looking for donations for breast cancer. Blocked

Report for 1-2103201413 - 2019-01-12 210
Got the call saying that fraudulent activities were on my SSN they want

Report for 1-2103193992 - 2019-01-08 210
Called twice today, left no message.

Report for 1-2108249421 - 2019-01-06 210
Called me today and said that I would have to go to CVS and get a money pack that is worth $100 dollars and send it to them immediately....I called the bank in my neighborhood and said to my surprise it was not deposited...

Report for 1-2107887524 - 2018-12-27 210
The exact same thing happened to me today! Blocking the # now

Report for 1-2108206526 - 2018-12-26 210
Called my Do Not Call registered cell in Dallas TX. Left no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-2106828988 - 2018-12-14 210
They call every day but don't leave message

Report for 1-2108206526 - 2018-12-01 210
Got a phone call from this number. It came thru while I was on the phone with someone else. Left no meaasge!

Report for 1-2106828988 - 2018-11-30 210
The call is harassing me. I have asked 3 separate times to be removed from the list and the caller hangs up and then call me back 20 minutes later to try to sell me something. I have told them that I don't even eat nor wear clothes from WalMart to some of the other stores that have been sold by them. They hang up so i can't call them back. Please put me on your DO NOT CALL list, if you can. We all have to take action against telemarketers.

Report for 1-2106602402 - 2018-11-29 210
Rec'd call @ 9:26 A.M. Friday, Sept. 25. Answered, but caller didn't speak; so blocked number

Report for 1-2106602402 - 2018-11-29 210
Got another call from the same (213) 357-4122. I called back twice and a "David Jones" answered "IRS Tax Investigation Unit" and told me that there was a problem with my taxes which was false. I asked for the location where they were located and was told "Alexandria Georgia." I was also told that I would be arrested if I didn't resolve my legal issue. The call was "recorded" and did not indicate, "David David.

Report for 1-2103201413 - 2018-11-27 210
I too just received this scam call. They must think we are all as stupid as they are. I too just filed my taxes for last year. I think I am going to do that. If not then they will be sued for all time for harassment.

Report for 1-2102808919 - 2018-11-26 210
A company called American Cash Advances called me for money to fix my credit problems. They sent me an unsolicited check that I never received. They sent an envelope to my home address and the check has not yet cleared and no account number. After I had sent them the payment I asked the company what was the name of the company and was told American Cash Advances...which is a fake name that does not exist at all. They never heard back from me. This is a fraud and scam. I have not received any money from this company. Do not give them any information!! This is fraud and a scam

Report for 1-2102201010 - 2018-11-26 210
This was also from a different number and said the same thing about account services. I also blocked the number so they didn't get through to me. It's not a real company.

Report for 1-2109945000 - 2018-11-23 210
Same as everyone else. "Unidentified" number left a message saying they were looking for a specific person but left no company or the type of call. Not calling them back. Scammers.

Report for 1-2104604123 - 2018-11-18 210
another "UNAVAILABLE" scam call from a number not in my call registry. What is this country coming to? Why can't any one stop this nonsense?

Report for 1-2107887524 - 2018-11-18 210
Claim that they have removed $1500 from my bank account

Report for 1-2108001448 - 2018-11-11 210
I get a call from "Mary Johnson" everyday, and its irritating. I'm ready to throw my phone across the room. How can I report this person?

Report for 1-2104604123 - 2018-11-02 210
calls but hangs up.

Report for 1-2102201010 - 2018-10-28 210
Received the same call. It was on Sunday morning 2:05 PM - did not leave message.

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