Report for 1-2067840059 - 2018-08-25 206

Report for 1-2065121504 - 2018-08-25 206
Caller ID said "Telemarketer" so I didn't answer. Left no message so I'm guessing it's spam.

Report for 1-2065121504 - 2018-08-11 206
Same as above....

Report for 1-2065456864 - 2018-08-05 206
Caller says I have a fraudulent number attached to my SS#.

Report for 1-2064140833 - 2018-08-02 206
Just received a robocall on my voicemail from Social Securority Administration (I did not call the number back) saying there is fraudulent activity with my ss # and that this is my final warning. Please call back before they initiate legal action. It's a scam.

Report for 1-2063284831 - 2018-07-18 206
A person or entity posing as an authorized agent or officer of the law in need of any information to support allegations pending against you. This is your final warning. You have now been officially notified. Filing a complaint and seeking legal representation. Press one or your complaint attorney of record immediately. This is your final notice."

Report for 1-2063401350 - 2018-07-17 206
I called the number. The woman who answered asked me where I was located and also my name. I told her that was none of her business and that I had reported her to the police. She then replied "this is only public information. I cant help you". I then informed her she was harassing me and they would be notified.

Report for 1-2064246806 - 2018-07-12 206
This is a scam don't give any personal information.

Report for 1-2064524754 - 2018-07-05 206
Left voice message stating it was the IRS, and was filing a lawsuit.

Report for 1-2063887663 - 2018-07-04 206

Report for 1-2065969028 - 2018-07-01 206
The Caller ID says "United Breast C" and they have called my new number a minimum of 6 times the past few days. It is a Robo call:When you dial this number, it says to have your number removed by pressing "1," but the only way to remove your number is to leave a message. I did not and I will not leave a message as there is no real person on the other end. This is an unnecessary nuisance.

Report for 1-2063887663 - 2018-06-28 206
called with no message left after I blocked that number ... I'm blocking this number as well.

Report for 1-2064011068 - 2018-06-27 206
Called my work office in Iowa, and asked for the president by name. When I asked what it was regarding he said "A personal matter."I then repeated to him "This number called my work and asked for the president, not the other way around." He hung up.Scam.

Report for 1-2066297621 - 2018-06-23 206
Another IRS scammer. Tired of all these low life

Report for 1-2062310005 - 2018-06-09 206
I get this call a couple times a day. I just let it ring through, then if I see it's them I say "are you kidding me? you called ME. please take me off your list" and they just hang up. I'm so sick of them calling. I'm a teenager, and if they call one more time I'm going to ask them to kill themselves and then I'll hang up on them. I don't know how I got on these lists, because I've been getting my phone fixed for a year now, and they keep going on.

Report for 1-2063507385 - 2018-06-06 206
They are getting a lot more aggressive. I've already spoke with them twice and told them I won't give out any information to a stranger over the phone. They just continue to call back. You would think they would get the hint.

Report for 1-2062310005 - 2018-05-21 206
They called my mom and told her they were my

Report for 1-2063378353 - 2018-05-14 206
I have received numerous calls from this number about a payday loan. They left several messages. When I answer and call them out they hang up. Have blocked this number and will not answer again. They do not say their is a warrant for my arrest. They

Report for 1-2064140833 - 2018-05-09 206
No one speaks. I finally hung up. I hate telemarketers. They waste my time and you waste yours.

Report for 1-2065022620 - 2018-05-02 206
caller id says washington dc, but the # comes from a town named D.C. this is a scam. the local sheriff's dept says report it to the ftc and to put your # on the donotcall list. or you can call 1-866-382-4357 and harass them back. i know because i did it the 1st time and had fun... i have my own unique story of w/D.C. scamsters... and i'm not shy on a rainy day... lol

Report for 1-2064524754 - 2018-04-29 206
Rang, it dropped. I googled, found this. I'm in LA. I am also on do not call list.

Report for 1-2063314527 - 2018-04-27 206
Called my cell phone number, answered but nobody there. Caller ID only showed San Antonio, TX.

Report for 1-2065969028 - 2018-04-22 206
Just got

Report for 1-2063887663 - 2018-04-12 206
Got a call from them yesterday (12/27/2017) at around 10 AM! They wanted to speak with my brother (don't know how they got his #) and when I asked what "it" was regarding...they hung up on me! I called back, and after being answered twice, they still hung up on me. I called them again right after...answered the next time (this time the guy answered right after me!) and promptly asked to speak with someone else and he hung up on me. Soooo sick of these calls, I blocked the number and will be blocking whoever this company is!

Report for 1-2065969028 - 2018-04-07 206
These people are scammers and very rude. I would like to call and see if they actually are a law firm.

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