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540 (also referred to as Numbering Plan Area) is a numbering plan code designated for Virginia. Phone area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to United States and Canada with a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Blacksburg, Cave Spring, Harrisonburg, Roanoke, Salem, Staunton, Winchester are the major cities located in NPA Code 540

540 Area - posts

Report for 1-5408609028 - 2020-01-13
Hey everyone,I keep receiving this message too! They will call me every hour on the hour. I got some time and I will call them and play on phone with them. Let them waste their time. I will make them mad and tell them I am looking for a lawyer to do a class action suit against them for the harassment and fraud that they claim to be doing. I am going to get these guys soon!

Report for 1-5407127899 - 2020-01-09
I received a call at my work extension, which i called them back (using my business telephone number). I was told I had "won" a $20 gift card because of my recent purchase on my T-Mobile account. When I asked the woman who I had spoken to if my wife signed a contract for the card she said no. Then she hung up on me. Then 2 minutes later I received another call from the same number, and another

Report for 1-5404811270 - 2020-01-06
The message they left this time was:This is a legal notice for you to receive an order of garnishment, pending in your state and by your local county. I do need to verify your address to deliver documents. Failure to comply will result in the order for your appearance to compel you at this point in time. You can be reached to arrange meeting to sign for the documents. To resolve this matter. You have now been notified.I think she said there was a complaint filed against me and I was going to have to appear to the court..I'm so annoyed with these people..I'm sure if the government and the law enforcement agencies get together it will be a long, slow, painful night.....

Report for 1-5404811270 - 2020-01-02
No message. Blocked.

Report for 1-5404811270 - 2019-08-03
They called me also I know right away it's a scam if they call me back I'm gonna rip them a new one but that's my thought

Report for 1-5404811270 - 2019-05-26
I keep getting harrassing calls to my cell from "the federal government" that I am facing criminal action due to tax fraud!! Very annoying and I am not calling back!!

Report for 1-5407127899 - 2019-02-20
Called and did not leave a message. Called number back and got a recording saying it was the state police or something like that and to be put on the do-not-call list. I did not enter any of that.

Report for 1-5407127899 - 2018-12-28
My caller was Michelle. Threatening to sue me for some debt. I was like you people are the scammers. Why don't these crooks get a honest job.

Report for 1-5407127899 - 2018-09-25
Received a call from this # from a John, saying his name is John, I was having a delivery. I am tired of calling for no reason...

Report for 1-5407127899 - 2018-07-09
I had a message on my home phone recording for me to call them back at 959-253-8620, as they say "they" is taking me into custody under serious allegations regarding "fraudulent activity" involving my computer. I called them back the next day (5-28-09) to a voice answering machine. I left a message requesting where I was calling from and for them to contact a contact in which they wouldn"t have to disclose that they were with Microsoft Corporation and that I was going to seek legal counsel if they continued.

Report for 1-5408609028 - 2017-10-10
Just called. Blocking now.

Report for 1-5404811270 - 2017-06-20
The message said they have a refund on credit card due to policy changed. All the message was 1/2 inaudible. Called back for 2 hours and finally spoke to a person. They told me that my credit card was going to have a charge of $399 for a year. As a refund, they wanted to charge my credit card again. Told them to cancel the account. Do not do this. They will charge your credit card again.