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508 (also referred to as Numbering Plan Area) is a numbering plan code designated for Massachusetts. Phone area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to United States and Canada with a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Attleboro, Barnstable, Brockton, Fall River, Framingham, Franklin, Marlborough, Milford, New Bedford, Taunton, Worcester are the major cities located in NPA Code 508

508 Area - posts

Report for 1-5085175231 - 2020-07-15
CID "FOP". Spoofed number. Called my landline three times in the last hour. Blocked. Caller-ID on my cell says "FOP Leukemia."

Report for 1-5082926491 - 2020-05-27
They have called every day for over a week. I don't answer unknown calls and they never leave a message. If it is that important leave a message.

Report for 1-5084082805 - 2020-05-19
i picked up phone and said hello, but no one there.

Report for 1-5086782811 - 2020-03-14
Same voice message as other people on here. I'll just block them.

Report for 1-5082926491 - 2020-03-04
I guess that the DNC list does NOT work with these callers. I get more that the first 10 years it has and on that list they call like 30 times daily. My phone has only been on the DNC list for a little over 3 weeks and it still has not stopped them from calling.....I'm ready to report a complaint to the Attorney General's office.They call like all other unsolicited calls at all times.

Report for 1-5085283239 - 2020-03-02
I got the same message.

Report for 1-5084636687 - 2020-02-11
Student loans scam from unknown caller. These scammers can't even scam right. Block 'em Danno

Report for 1-5086695547 - 2020-02-06
They called and asked if I wanted more money in my loan and when I said No they just hung up

Report for 1-5088721287 - 2020-02-06
Robocall says it is a legal matter from the IRS.

Report for 1-5089747623 - 2020-01-27
Called 3 times within 20 minutes. Left no message. Now blocked.

Report for 1-5089747623 - 2020-01-09
I was called yesterday by this number, I called it back today and a recording says it is a call center "I'm sorry" I had a very thick Indian accent, I got a lot of help from a very loud tv in the background. This is not the first time I have gotten these calls. I keep telling them "You are the scam" and they keep talking. I don't care if its legal or not, they are calling a number where the individual was once listed, which i believe they are going to have to face fraud charges for. These people are scammers, just like the previous calls made against my sister. These people are not doing their homework. The FBI has my sister's name, and its the same thing as what the calls are being made about.

Report for 1-5086782811 - 2020-01-03
I've received several calls from this number and they never leave a message.

Report for 1-5082926491 - 2019-12-26
Yes, I too have received these calls. When calling the number this morning from work it said the phone line is not working... I hate these people! I have just blocked them from even calling my work #. What is scary is these people have all our personal information. I am so sick of these people trying to get a hold of our money. I have reported this to the FTC.

Report for 1-5088215829 - 2019-12-01
I keep getting this, when I question them and find out they don't have no English speaking skills they hang up the call.

Report for 1-5083949700 - 2019-11-18
Called me at 5:30am. Message claimed to be an investigator and to call them back before they started legal action.

Report for 1-5086695547 - 2019-11-07
I got the same message. It was a computer generated voice. It asked me to give a call to that number so I could speak to a federal agent. I'm glad I have an unlisted phone number so they can continue phishing.

Report for 1-5082050067 - 2019-10-28
Recieved that call around 12:15 EST. Male voice recording trying to sell my company. Have been getting alot of these lately. A lot of the companies are in India.

Report for 1-5085175231 - 2019-10-14
No VM left. BLOCKED! Don't KNOW anyone in this area code.

Report for 1-5085283239 - 2019-09-10
Recorded call saying they are a debt collector and not to disregard this call. A recorded voice in my voice mail. I am reporting it to https://complaints.donotcall.

Report for 1-5082050067 - 2019-09-02
Called left no message

Report for 1-5085175231 - 2019-08-03
I answered to see who was calling and it was a robo. Call said there are issues with my social security number and I should press 0. I hung up. Then I called back and asked to have me number removed from their list, the guy hung up. They were trying to sell us an auto warranty. Told them I didn't need it.

Report for 1-5086782811 - 2019-07-15
Called me

Report for 1-5088215829 - 2019-06-16
They called me 3 times tonight. They called at 8:30 PM, 9:50 PM and at 10:20 PM

Report for 1-5082050067 - 2019-06-11
Makes me think someone's breaking into your home with a gun and your car is in a wreck because the police haven't been here since it's after they went in for a check into. You can make them pay for that too by filing a police report

Report for 1-5082050067 - 2019-06-09
I just got a second call.