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360 (also referred to as Numbering Plan Area) is a numbering plan code designated for Washington. Phone area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to United States and Canada with a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Bellingham, Bremerton, Lacey, Longview, Marysville, Mount Vernon, Marysville, Olympia, Vancouver are the major cities located in NPA Code 360

360 Area - posts

Report for 1-3607211386 - 2020-10-10
Called me several times and didn't say anything just hung up on me.

Report for 1-3602756832 - 2020-10-09
This is a telemarketer wanting to do a survey. They will call up to 4 times a day for about 4 days. I have left 10 messages with a person who claims to help me stop these people..I have not made them stop...they insist they will continue to call. This is my 4th call already from these people...every 3 minutes....I will be reporting this to the government tomorrow!!

Report for 1-3604743942 - 2020-10-07
Scammers. I keep telling the idiots to stop calling. They are not really in my state. I've had this number for over 15 years. If I knew where they were, I would make the police come get them, then drop the phone in the pool of the lake they are calling from.

Report for 1-3606376389 - 2020-09-12
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-3603375698 - 2020-09-11
They called me today in the wee hours of the AM. What the hell! They didn't even have the courtesy of leaving a messsage. Don't know why they don't leave message and I'm not ever going to answer an unknown number. They got my attention for a few weeks until I figured out the scam and blocked them.

Report for 1-3607127380 - 2020-08-28
This is a debt collector attempting to collect a debt.

Report for 1-3607127380 - 2020-08-08
Called at 9:00. No message. Another scam call, which, as soon as I see that today is the first of the new year, and they call in spite of the new year, I'm really going to wonder if they are ever going to stop calling.

Report for 1-3604717806 - 2020-07-25
Called at work and said I had a debt with them for a debt I no longer had but would not tell me any information as to what.

Report for 1-3602756832 - 2020-07-14
They keep calling everyday, they are not even looking for me and yet they still call!!

Report for 1-3602756832 - 2020-06-18
Got this number on my cell phone and called back the number they gave me to verify info on how to get a hold of this person.. was denied.. said she was from some health and a market research company.. hung-up on me.. said she would give the "supervisor" a call... i called back... they said they had no record of my call or of me calling them!.. i said how did you find this out?.... this is illegal!!.. she said it was not!.. i said this is a scam!.. she said she would take it off the list!!!... i said fine.. it was the scam i thought it would sound normal and to let me know if anyone has been able to do that so I can report you for impersonating a federal agency!... she got defensive and said he does NOT know that and we are all on no call list and will not listen to anything i do... "I will just keep calling you!!!" and hung up.. i called again and finally got a supervisor.. said i have your #(which i did) and he does not believe me!.. he put me on hold and a recording asked 2 questions then hung up!!.. the weird thing was i called the number and its been disconnected.. they are very rude

Report for 1-3602059742 - 2020-05-27
Got a call at 8am but did not pick up. They left no message.

Report for 1-3602143317 - 2020-05-20
Same thing happened to me about two years ago saying they had a warrant for my mother's house. I don't know of any warrants that come in to our county. If they contact me or my parents again I may have to file charges for harassment against them!

Report for 1-3603375698 - 2020-05-07
Receive the exact same message as John said. I agree that it sounded suspicious to me so I checked the area code and found this post. Thanks

Report for 1-3607670777 - 2020-04-30
This message is just crazy, total scam...

Report for 1-3608783578 - 2020-04-29
Another fake POF number, no reason to even answer, they will never be able to make any money from these calls and no way to stop them from scamming somebody.

Report for 1-3607668220 - 2020-04-26
I received a call from this number a few minutes ago. Left a message stating my wife needed to call 1-206-496-9233.

Report for 1-3603375698 - 2020-04-11
Debt collector - I have been harrassed by an individual from this company for the past 12 years after being told they have the wrong number.

Report for 1-3603304171 - 2020-03-29
Did you find out who this call is from?

Report for 1-3602860597 - 2020-03-18
Calls and say's I have criminal litigation on my social. Scam

Report for 1-3602059742 - 2020-03-03
My name is "Sharon" and I am calling to discuss unsecured credit debt. So what are we looking at, you dunce? I am not an debt collector!

Report for 1-3602297523 - 2020-02-28
Caller ID: Texas Call My free robocall blocker shut them down in 48 hours.

Report for 1-3608921460 - 2020-02-27
Just another scammer that has no morals and no guilt. Just want to rip you off.

Report for 1-3606397869 - 2020-02-24
They were very scary. I didn't get the chance to tell them anything. The guy, who identified himself as a supervisor, said that this is a federal matter. He asked for my name and I said that I was very uncomfortable answering that it was a federal matter. I explained that no one else was speaking to me and asked that they give me a number where I could be contacted. He gave me the telephone number 310-362-7111. I didn't get the phone number so I repeated the number and he said I would be transferred back in an hour. That I shouldn't worry about that they would only ask for my phone number. Then he said that this matter would be documented here. And I said, "Well don't call back again."

Report for 1-3602004266 - 2020-02-21
This number called and did not leave a message. Called the number back and it was a recording in Spanish that was hard to understand stating the number was disconnected and then it was disconnected again. Very fishy.

Report for 1-3609183615 - 2020-02-12
Recorded message claims your social security number has been "susp

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