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323 (also referred to as Numbering Plan Area) is a numbering plan code designated for California. Phone area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to United States and Canada with a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Bell, Bell Gardens, Cudahy, East Los Angeles, Florence-Graham, Huntington Park, Maywood, Montebello, South Gate, West Hollywood, Westmont are the major cities located in NPA Code 323

323 Area - posts

Report for 1-3233179214 - 2020-10-31
Just called left no message

Report for 1-3236323308 - 2020-10-11
Keep getting calls

Report for 1-3237745972 - 2020-10-01
Called 929am on 2/12/19. No message. Reported as spam number.

Report for 1-3234319574 - 2020-09-27
They keep calling and not leaving a message. I won't answer because I don't know who it is.

Report for 1-3234319574 - 2020-07-16
This number just called me and my friend. No answer

Report for 1-3232552506 - 2020-06-25
I got this call today and after a few seconds a computer came on and stated I had a $300 credit on my account and to hit 1 of the options to be connected to someone. I hung up.

Report for 1-3238572000 - 2020-06-21
Called, but did not leave a message. BLOCKED.

Report for 1-3236896497 - 2020-06-20
No msg. Now blocked.Thanks to those who posted before me.

Report for 1-3237031667 - 2020-06-17
Robot caller, hung up when I asked who it was and did not want to give a name. When I called them back, it is either busy or "not in service".

Report for 1-3238572000 - 2020-06-10
Left a message: "We sent you a final notice in the mail and we need to confirm your address" and then it ended the call with "good bye and take care"

Report for 1-3238572000 - 2020-06-02
I receive calls from this number multiple times. I'm almost certain it's a medical related call. My husband is in a hospital and they called three times on Sunday. When he asked who the call was for, he said it wasn't a business call. This makes

Report for 1-3232552506 - 2020-05-28
Got a call in the am from this number also. I am going to ignore if that number calls again.

Report for 1-3237745972 - 2020-04-25
I just received a message from Jennifer Williams from the National Center for Elder Care stating that she had a $100 thousand gift for me and to call her back on a different number. I don't think so!

Report for 1-3232862225 - 2020-04-23
Yes, received call from John Smith regarding an important legal matter. I have no idea who they are and don't owe anything either.

Report for 1-3236896497 - 2020-04-22
This place has called me twice and hung up both times. They have also called under the number 866 559-5454 but this time it's an automated answering system. It's not in the slightest bit professional and it's not for breast cancer. It's a scam. The first time I called back to give them more information about the charity the "do not call" program failed. I just received a call again today. I have blocked that number and am going to report it to the Better Business Bureau.

Report for 1-3238572000 - 2020-04-11
Called my cell. I don't pick up. They hung up without leaving a message.

Report for 1-3237960399 - 2020-03-31
I keep getting calls from this number when I pick up they hang up!

Report for 1-3236323308 - 2020-03-22
I answered and they wanted me to turn around and do it over and over and over. I am not interested in taking a chance that they would make it good. We could play this out if we wanted, because it is annoying.

Report for 1-3238038058 - 2020-03-18
Called from this number and said they were going to take action against me. Called number back and said he was with a law firm. I told him he was full of [***] and if he was legit he'd send something in the mail...he got pissed off and hung up the phone. Definitely a scam!!!

Report for 1-3234944225 - 2020-03-14
Rings 3 times, nobody there

Report for 1-3233179214 - 2020-03-06
I keep receiving calls from 888-317-3315. Every time I answer they hang up. I am sick of it. I have no idea who this is or what they are calling about

Report for 1-3234024691 - 2020-02-28
I answered call, said "hello" then the line disconnected.

Report for 1-3236896497 - 2020-02-25
No message

Report for 1-3238795447 - 2020-02-23
I received this call saying I had commited a crime. I told them to come and get me they said they would call the police and hung up but they kept calling

Report for 1-3239004600 - 2020-02-17
Called my cell 2:27 pm. I didn't answer. There was a partial message from the woman about home security systems.

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