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206 (also referred to as Numbering Plan Area) is a numbering plan code designated for Washington. Phone area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the telephone numbers in the numbering plan are assigned to United States and Canada with a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Bainbridge Island, Burien, Des Moines, Mercer Island, Seattle, Shoreline, White Center are the major cities located in NPA Code 206

206 Area - posts

Report for 1-2068265700 - 2019-12-02
No message left

Report for 1-2063401350 - 2019-11-30
I just missed this call and there was no message left.

Report for 1-2065791187 - 2019-11-27
Scammer that leaves no message. Caller ID shows Unknown, but they identify their company/organization as MCOA

Report for 1-2064246806 - 2019-11-16
It's a scam, they say I have been selected to receive $9000 but in order for me to get it I have to give them $250 for a tax on the amount of the grant. Scam

Report for 1-2064081945 - 2019-11-14
A robo voice said I need a call from the Microsoft security. I called and got a person with a heavy Middle Eastern accent. I asked which company name they were using. He

Report for 1-2065791187 - 2019-10-22
They were calling my house phone at all hours and leaving message for someone they knew but I don't know and they were looking for that person as well. They gave me a number and a case number and when I called and told them I was not who

Report for 1-2064246806 - 2019-10-02
Same here. Been getting them for weeks, with two or three different numbers.

Report for 1-2068265700 - 2019-09-25
They called to say that they would be going to my job. I told them I was calling the cops and they said fine

Report for 1-2065791187 - 2019-09-17
The name the calls me by is Legal. If I don't pay them in the next 2 hours an officer is going to my job to pick up my papers.

Report for 1-2065969028 - 2019-08-27
They called my mothers house and threatened her with law enforcement and said someone will be at her house in the morning to arrest her.I called them back the next day and said "who is this and who are you who are you and what do you want with my mother"They said we dont understand and wanted my mother's social security number.

Report for 1-2065791187 - 2019-08-25
Have been getting repeated calls to my cell number from (216) 481-1031 for the past several weeks. They leave no message. On some occasions I have picked up the call to see this person calling and hung up but have not yet.I called back a

Report for 1-2068265700 - 2019-08-19
Just received the call. I am charged $299.00 automatically deducted from my bank account. I was left a recorded message to call them. This is a scam!

Report for 1-2064524754 - 2019-08-08
Called my cell phone and did not leave a message.

Report for 1-2063385714 - 2019-07-30
Did not leave a voice mail, but the call was to my cell that is not listed in my phone book. Don't answer this call, blocked it.

Report for 1-2063363610 - 2019-07-27
i keep getting calls from this number the other day and the last time this number showed up they called and i answered and there was someone on the other line but no one said anything. they did the same thing today they called and i hung up as soon as i answered , they called right back and a woman was telling me some bout a vacation and the i just didnt answer so i just didnt answer that time but then after that i just called them and got no answer

Report for 1-2065791187 - 2019-07-24
Called my husband's cell phone in Florida. Left message that there was a lawsuit against me. I can't find that number anywhere on the internet.

Report for 1-2064140833 - 2019-07-15
Called, left no message or said hello.

Report for 1-2068265700 - 2019-07-13
It's amazing. I got 3 calls today from this number, no message left. I have been looking for a job and this number pops up a few times a week. They never leave a message for me to call. If this is a true job, how does someone know who you are? This is the job, but I am looking for the person who calls.

Report for 1-2064524754 - 2019-07-08
I received a call from this number but when I called it back it is busy. I hate telemarketing and annoying calls like this

Report for 1-2065022620 - 2019-07-06
Keeps called. Never leaves message. I blocked the number.

Report for 1-2064081945 - 2019-06-23
Scam about me being a defendant in a court case. I asked for an address to mail me proof of the claim which they gave me a fictitious address. When I asked him to email it to me and they provided 3 different addresses, he became very defensive and aggressive - very unprofessional.

Report for 1-2065791187 - 2019-05-18
The lady had my correct address and said I'm being sued so I don't know what's happening I called the company that is suing me they said they've been getting a lot of calls about the same but different stories. They are now giving me a one month payments and no one has showed up at my house yet. I didn't even give that company my address. I wonder if they are just using this caller system to see if anyone would actually show up at my address.

Report for 1-2064140833 - 2019-05-09
Caller said he was a paid fund raiser for a police fund. He asked "Are you (my wife's name) there?" then hung up.

Report for 1-2063092531 - 2019-04-26
Got the same call from the same person. When I said hello, they hung up. I just blocked them.

Report for 1-2064524754 - 2019-04-12
I believe this is someone selling something. It was a recording and I hung up

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