Hello! is a resource of rogue callers, or more generally phone numbers you definitely don't want to be called by. They include marketers, bill collectors, scammers, phone stalkers, you get the idea.

If you are called by a strange phone number, share the number with the visitors to help avoid it and protect themselves

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Report for 1-3156366191 - 2020-09-21 315
A lady named Michelle called, I knew right away she was a scammer and she hung up, but I called her back, and I gave her a few choice words and she still kept going with her talk.

Report for 1-3517963996 - 2020-09-21 351
Just called, but did not leave a message.

Report for 1-7344594008 - 2020-09-21 734
Just got a call. I answered it and said hello, no response... I hung up

Report for 1-6510214322 - 2020-09-21 651
I just got called by this number and it was a recording that was telling me about insurance products and treatments.. I have been hit up by insurance companies before and I told them that I was not interested in going back to school. They did not seem to appreciate that I told them not to call back!!!

Report for 1-9104692018 - 2020-09-21 910
Called yesterday, caller ID says "Millsboro, DE". No message left. No other reports found on the internet.

Report for 1-2244654738 - 2020-09-21 224
I picked up the phone and they hung up on me.

Report for 1-8124413349 - 2020-09-21 812
Got a call from this number on my cell phone, I didn't answer, and they left no message. Number is now blocked.

Report for 1-7024107497 - 2020-09-21 702
They will not leave a message and keep calling.

Report for 1-6262693536 - 2020-09-21 626
This is a scammer trying to sell you an extended warranty. I told the guy (a scammer) no thanks. I just want to buy a car.

Report for 1-6169802836 - 2020-09-21 616
they just called me and did not leave a message and when I called back and pressed 2 to be taken off their call list, it says number not found

Report for 1-9099524919 - 2020-09-21 909
I got the same call..saying that he needs to talk to me..saying it's a legal matter with a personal matter..i told my one calls you..and told me to tell them to suck my's spam..

Report for 1-9146943573 - 2020-09-21 914
This # calls me daily. I finally answered & no one responded and the line was silent.I tried calling back & it rings twice and then nothing then "busy" tone! I'm so annoyed!

Report for 1-2143065660 - 2020-09-21 214
Called but it didn't ring for more than 3 second and then they hung up

Report for 1-8168424290 - 2020-09-21 816
They have called a couple times, but I ignored it when I picked up. Today a female asked me, " is this [my name]?". I replied, " this is she". She asked why I was calling. I responded, " why are you calling?" She said she just wanted to confirm the area codes for my family to find me when we pass each other. Then repeated, " is this [my name]?". I replied, " you told me to call you and not talk!" She said " well, can you please repeat that!" I said I would, but she hung up immediately. My husband and I have been preparing to deal with the situation today, because I know we will encounter these types of calls if we make a call to the website for our credit cards. Unfortunately, I think they are the kinds to call the house during the times, just as scammers do. I hope that will help everyone know to avoid answering these calls when receiving them.

Report for 1-3032191656 - 2020-09-21 303
Called no vm, blocked

Report for 1-8435214884 - 2020-09-21 843
They called my daughter too. They just did the same. Same number and message as reported in previous posts. It is now blocked.

Report for 1-7275415561 - 2020-09-21 727
I don't answer numbers I don't know. Probably they will leave a message, not because I have time to waste with them, but because they are a telemarketer.

Report for 1-2129824587 - 2020-09-21 212
They just called me for the first time, I was curious since I am in the service so I answered. The lady asked me if I still owned a 2008 Chevrolet and I said yes. She then proceeded to tell me about a warranty that I didn't know existed and I

Report for 1-7864579424 - 2020-09-21 786
Robocaller telling you "good bye" when you answer

Report for 1-2033667655 - 2020-09-21 203
I believe this is something I missed, just got a call from this number. I didn't answer, and they left no message.

Report for 1-8122256152 - 2020-09-21 812
Same here

Report for 1-5314986707 - 2020-09-18 531
Called this afternoon and a recorded voice said "goodbye" after I had said hello a couple of times. Blocking this number now.

Report for 1-4236302506 - 2020-09-18 423
Called 9/7/17 No VM

Report for 1-3522244307 - 2020-09-18 352
Left message to call other info. Obviously a scam. Called at 4:38pm

Report for 1-3472249561 - 2020-09-18 347
This company is still at it a year and a half later....Just called my work and left message and they claim I owe some debt and they are going to call my bank? When I look up the name of the company they say I have a company with and look up the web pages look up nothing!! This is a scam!!! You can not win money from a debt.

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