Hello! is a resource of rogue callers, or more generally phone numbers you definitely don't want to be called by. They include marketers, bill collectors, scammers, phone stalkers, you get the idea.

If you are called by a strange phone number, share the number with the visitors to help avoid it and protect themselves

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Report for 1-8183094049 - 2020-11-06 818
I called the number given and got a busy dialtone. It was a message from someone saying they've been trying to reach me for several days and this would be my first courtesy call to inform me of my mortgage payments being past the grace period. I'm up to 8.5% and that's not my problem. I don't owe anything to anyone for 3+ years. Scam!

Report for 1-2082327328 - 2020-11-06 208
Just got same type call from the "IRS" telling me I was going to be arrested

Report for 1-4192258405 - 2020-11-06 419
They called me yesterday stating that they are process servers but would not give more information.

Report for 1-9090167614 - 2020-11-06 909
Called this number back after they called my landline phone. They left a message for me to leave my name and number and I would get a call back. But if you are going to call my number over and over again, why not stop calling my number??? The message was about health insurance and how much the plan cost me and if I was interested in changing it or getting a better plan and how I can sign up.

Report for 1-2817882612 - 2020-11-06 281
Scam number, called and left no message.

Report for 1-4321587712 - 2020-11-06 432
Same as above--a rude "Joe Rogers" telling me that I am being criminally investigated, blah, blah, blah. He did not

Report for 1-9166099266 - 2020-11-01 916
This number called three times within a 1 minute span. This is harassment and borderline criminal

Report for 1-2317321000 - 2020-10-31 231
Called me and didn't leave a message. Then when I googled the number, I go right to the IRS scammers sites. Go to the one dealing with the FTC and report them.

Report for 1-2012574065 - 2020-10-31 201
Called and left no message. Have not been checking my emails lately. This is one new phone number.

Report for 1-9169291300 - 2020-10-31 916
This number shows up on my landline and cell as Citi G, but is linked to 718-402-4190.

Report for 1-8632216778 - 2020-10-31 863
Called no message

Report for 1-6612676484 - 2020-10-31 661
Got the same type of phone call just now, so it is a scam

Report for 1-2028887177 - 2020-10-31 202
Called to threaten me in broken English. Stated i had a case against me and that was being prosecuted. Told them that was bs and hung up.

Report for 1-9785267512 - 2020-10-31 978
Called at 3:15 p.m. today. I don't answer and no message was left. I just blocked the number.

Report for 1-8127732472 - 2020-10-31 812
I called it back, and it was for a Police Benevolent Society.

Report for 1-6463529800 - 2020-10-31 646
Calls and hangs up

Report for 1-8477410404 - 2020-10-31 847
I received 15 phone calls from this number on my cellphone...this is ridiculous!

Report for 1-3363876454 - 2020-10-31 336
This is yet another "Debt Reduction" call. I have the entire 408 area code BLOCKED. Scammers!!

Report for 1-3058190001 - 2020-10-31 305
I received a voicemail today also saying they were going to come to my work and place of residence. They left the same phone number. I called them back. The girl on the phone said they will be there in one hour to serve me with a summons for a payday loan that I haven't taken out. I said no it's not my debt. I have always had a Payday Loan but paid it off. I gave her my new address and phone number. I had been told it would have taken 7-10 days to be processed. I got scared because if you are a legit debt collector they do their research and get there information. I don't trust them!!!!!!!

Report for 1-9197825883 - 2020-10-31 919
Said they were calling from the Treasury dept and I had to call them back, or have my attorney do so to avoid having federal argued against me. Very scary

Report for 1-8432926555 - 2020-10-31 843
They have continued calling me at work. One said he was Officer Smith and the other said he was Officer Jones. I spoke to him twice then told them it was a scam and to stop calling. I also informed them that if they called me at another number I would sue them for each call. The callers are foreign, they do not sound American, and they do not mention anything about IRS. DO NOT BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE! If we all report them, something will be done.

Report for 1-3087622274 - 2020-10-31 308
called and left no message today - the 2nd call today this week - no message left

Report for 1-3233179214 - 2020-10-31 323
Just called left no message

Report for 1-9097402043 - 2020-10-31 909
Call, did not answer. Left no message.

Report for 1-8054216880 - 2020-10-31 805
Someone just said hello and then hung up.

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